Greenslade is a terminus station served by Waterline services to Newry and Benton.

Platform Layout

-] Terminus

== Track

Platform No. Services
-] Terminating, Waterline services to Newry and Benton
3 Not in use

(disused TramLink tracks)



  • Prior to the Big Update, this station had services to Newry Harbour. Nowadays, Newry Harbour only serves trains to/from Connolly.
  • This was one of the first Waterline stations.
  • This station was most likely named after someone with the Roblox username, SirGreenslade, who was a Security Officer for SCR. A Security Officer is a former high rank.
  • There is a train station in South-east England called Slade Green, the opposite of Greenslade. It is operated by Southeastern and served by Class 465s and 376s.
  • This station got overhead equipment during the V1.4.1 update.
  • Strangely, even the TramLink tracks got electrification. This implies that the idea that most people think this operator will never be in operation may not be true.
  • The scenery between here and Whitney Green has been updated.
  • Before V1.7, If you walk on the TramLink tracks, you can find 2 abandoned stations at the west of this station, namely Berrily Denton Road and West Berrily, and the tracks end just after West Berrily. These 2 stations have been demolished as of V1.7.
  • This station received a major renovation in 1.7.1 that changed the concourse, platforms (both Waterline and Tramlink), and the surrounding area.
  • This station is one of ten stations with only island platforms (in use), the others being Airport Terminal 3, Stepford High Street, Stepford United Football Club, Benton Bridge, West Benton, Westwyvern, Stepford East, Stepford Victoria and Beechley.
  • This station has a ramp to platform level.


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