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Removed feature

There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

Zones were a feature on maps before SCR Version 1.6 highlighting major areas such as Stepford City and Leighton. With the new map in Version 1.6, they were removed.

Zone name Description Stations in zone
Newry Zone The Newry Zone was located west of Connolly and north of Eden Quay. It is only served by Waterline services. It is the smallest zone. Newry Harbour


Benton Zone The Benton Zone was located east of Coxly station and southwest of Cambridge Street Parkway and was a zone in the heart of Stepford County. It was served by Stepford Connect, Waterline and Stepford Express services. Benton Bridge

Port Benton


West Benton

Airport Zone The Airport Zone was located northeast of the Benton Zone and is served by Stepford Connect, Waterline and Airlink trains. Stepford Airport Parkway

Stepford Airport West

Stepford Airport Central

Airport Terminal 1,2, and 3.

Stepford City Zone The Stepford City Zone, located southwest of Bodin and Angel Pass, was a zone in Stepford County served by Stepford Connect, Airlink, and Stepford Express services. There were currently 10 stations and 1 depot in this zone. The zone has become the busiest since the V1.1update, as Airlink, the Stepford Victoria Extension, and Stepford Depot were implemented. In V1.2, three more stations were added to the zone: Stepford High Street, Whitefield Lido, and Stepford UFC. In V1.4, Stepford Express was added, which made this zone busier than V1.1. Stepford Victoria

Financial Quarter


City Hospital

Stepford CentralStepford East

Stepford High Street

Whitefield Lido

Stepford United Football Club

St Helens Bridge

Leighton Zone The Leighton Zone, located southeast of Water Newton, was a zone in Stepford County served by Stepford Connect, Airlink, and Stepford Express services. Leighton City

Leighton Stepford Road

Rocket Parade