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There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

Former Supervisor ranks

Former rank name Former users Department Description
People Relations Advisor (PRA) N/A (All promoted to MOS) Relations This was a hard rank to obtain. They used to host any of the trainings and were senior to all the other supervisors, but when MOS was reinstated, PRA then stuck to relations. PRA were appointed by the Directors, applied for, or given to retired managers. Their line manager was the Community Director, even though Head of Community Engagement is a manager and PRA is a supervisor, they both directly go to Community Director. In early December 2020, the remaining PRAs were promoted to Mobile Operations Supervisors, making the role vacant. This role is still in the game even if no one is in it.
Workforce Data Analyst (WDA) Thewelsh1 (TransportForWales)


Workforce This was a high rank added after the V1.1 update. Workforce Data Analysts collected data about the number of people on each rank to record the growth of Stepford County Railway. Their line manager was the Head of Workforce Development (Now HCE), and their line director was the People Director (Now CD). This rank was unique since it was not senior to any of the Low Rank roles. This role was removed on June 14th, 2019 when Head of Product Development was introduced due to this role being too similar to Mobile Operations Supervisor.
Security Officer sirgreenslade N/A A legacy High rank

Former Manager ranks

Former rank name Former users Department Description
Head of Customer Relations (HCR) cg7033 Relations The HCR was a former manager who dealt with the relations of customers, which were queries that couldn't be dealt with by Supervisors were passed onto the HCR. They also made sure tickets are cleared within the correct time to avoid delays. Finally, this manager was the person who updated SCR's social media. The role was removed when cg7033 was promoted to Relations Director.

Former Director ranks

Former rank Former user Department Description
Operations Director


The last user was


Operations they managed game and community operations and upheld standards. The last OD, hv9690, resigned, and the roles of OD were transferred to the Community Director, as well as some management restructures.