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This article or section contains items which are noticeable but very unlikely to be updated in the game. Please think twice before adding new information.

Please note that none of the following operators were ever present in Stepford County Railway. Although tracks for these legacy operators were laid and stations were built, they were never put to use. It is unlikely that any of these operators will ever be added to Stepford County Railway in the future. They are cancelled.


Main article: TramLink

TramLink was a planned operator for Stepford County Railway. Tracks were laid near Whitney Green, stretching to Greenslade and beyond, but the line has never been put to use. There were further sections of track running all the way to the current site of Stepford Victoria but these sections are poorly documented. The project has never been officially cancelled, but BanTech has stated multiple times that it is not something that is planned to be developed on at least for now. However, at the SCR Version 1.7 update, TramLink tracks beyond Greenslade were removed, and only the Whitney Green - Greenslade section remains now as additional scenery.


Main article: Metro

Metro is a cancelled operator intending to connect Stepford City with various districts around Stepford County, such as Coxly, Winstree, Morganstown, Whitefield, Berrily and Stepford Airport. Most of the stations which Metro was planned to operate are now served by Stepford Connect, notably the Whitefield branch. Today, the only existing evidence of Metro is Coxly Newtown station which is now permanently closed.


  • High Speed was a potential plan for another operator. There was only 1 remaining piece of High Speed infrastructure remaining, the High Speed platforms at Berrily Denton Road. However, as of 1.4.5, these have been removed. All High Speed only lines have been lifted. This excludes the southern section of Morganstown Junction, which was going to be part of Metro as well. It is likely services towards Leighton via Morganstown will happen in the future.
    • Before Version 1.0 was released, more infrastructure of the line was evident. It was clear that the supposed eastern terminus of the line was Stepford Victoria evident of where the line ran, however, upon the release of Version 1.1, Stepford Victoria received a major revamp and now only serves Stepford Connect.
  • In the first ever versions of SCR, there were buses which users would spawn on the car park outside Stepford Town’s entrance. They however were useless as said station lacked roads to drive the buses on. It is unknown if the road network around Hallam Square was going to be expanded. They were removed a short time after Stepford Town opened.

It is highly unlikely that any of these operators will ever be added to Stepford County Railway in the future.

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