First Class is a passenger travelling location in train cars of Stepford Express and Airlink.


  • Passengers are able to ride in the First Class for free without any requirements, experiences, gamepasses or points required.
  • Riding in First Class, does not give you any distinct benefits from other cars/seats (Sitting on any seat, on a moving train, will give you 1 point per station).
  • The First Class first appeared when the Airlink Class 185 got upgraded to Next Generation, and as for the Next Generation Airlink trains, they have First Class.
  • A possible purpose for the addition of First Class was for people to roleplay as a passenger.
  • There were no First Class announcements until V1.4.
  • First Class in all Stepford Express and Airlink trains, except Class 185, Class 332, Class 220, Class 221, and Class 43, are located at the rear when spawned. The Class 185's First Class location is at the front (single) or middle (double) when spawned, First Class for Class 43, Class 332, Class 220, and Class 221 is located at the front when spawned.
  • The seats for Express and Airlink trains are purple, but CSG trains have black seats.
  • BanTech has stated that the First Class lounge will be back in 1.7.
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