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Faymere Green TMD is a train depot that began operations on 22 February 2020 in the V1.4.1 update. This depot is situated between Faymere and Westercoast. Stepford Connect and Stepford Express trains can spawn here.


This traction maintenance depot appears to be situated in a small town, yet it is not connected by road to anywhere else and it is inaccessible for a passenger (without trespassing).

The depot is divided into two parts, and each part covers each direction of the line. (Named Faymere Green NB/SB Depot, similar as the one adjacent to Woodhead Lane)

This is the first and formerly only depot/siding in SCR to utilize shunt signals. Also, there are only shunt signals at this depot. Signal warnings can also be seen.

This is the only depot in the game that also has sidings to spawn at, in addition to the main depot.

The trains that are standing at the depot are Stepford Connect and Stepford Express. There is also a Class 08 diesel shunter. This depot is the first one to have more than three lanes go unused.

List of Stored Trains


  • This was the first and formerly the only depot to have trains that are not in service parked in the depot, as well as it being an operational depot. You can now also see not in service trains at Benton Depot and Hampton Hargate Siding.
  • At this depot, there is a speed limit of 15 MPH. It can only be found at one other location in the game, that being at Llyn-by-the-Sea. The previously unused Waterline Shuttle tracks between Morganstown and Morganstown Docks had a 15 MPH speed limit, but it was upgraded to 30 MPH when it opened in V1.6.
  • It is one of the most detailed depot with sheds, train washers and not in service trains parked on unused tracks.
  • Its position on the Llyn line means you typically won't see many trains spawning here, as it is quite far from any terminus station.
  • Next to this depot you can find a purple building. Some think it is the Stepford Express Headquaters, but this never has been confirmed


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