Faraday Road is a through station served by Waterline services to Newry, Newry Harbour, James Street, Connolly and Greenslade

Platform Layout

Platform Service
1 Waterline services to Connolly, James Street, and Greenslade
<< Waterline services to Newry and Newry Harbour from West Benton
3 Waterline services to Newry and Newry Harbour from Faraday Road Depot


  • Eden Quay used to look and feel a lot like the former Faraday Road until it was upgraded.
  • In Version 1.1, this station received a major upgrade as voted for by hundreds on the SCR Discord server.
  • It is possible to hear Stepford Connect and Stepford Express from the mainline a half mile down.
  • Platform 3 used to be not in service until on the 13th of June 2019 when it was added for depot trains even though it was added in Version 1.1 on December 31st.
  • Before June 13th, Platform 3 and the tracks adjacent to it, led straight into a bush.
  • This stop's renovation was the first item on the 1.1 Advent Calendar.
  • Platform 3 is used only for trains coming out of Faraday Road Depot because unlike Platform 3 at Whitefield Lido, there is no crossover track for trains already on the line to enter P3.
  • The Waterline Headquarters is located here.


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