The Engagement Manager [EM] is a managerial position in Stepford County Railway. The position is currently occupied by Samproductions and tjh44. The job, as listed on the right, is to engage and provide the community a better experience. There are no current ways to get this role.

How to get this rank

There are no current ways to get this position.

 Former Names of Rank

  • Head of Workforce Development - [HWD]
  • Head of People Engagement - [HPE]
  • Head of Community Engagement - [HCE]

List of Heads of Community Engagement

No. User Status Reason for Leaving Date Joined Date Left
1. JiveOff Former EM


Unknown 31 December 2018 5 October 2020
2. SCR_AutoRank Current EM


N/A 4 May 2019 N/A
3. Doodgewoonbas Former EM

Now CD

Promotion to CD 16 December 2019 23 January 2021
4. Samproductions Current EM N/A 13 February 2021 N/A
5. tjh44


  • SCR_AutoRank is actually SCR's training bot, so it does not perform the jobs of an EM even though it has the role on the group.
  • There has been a huge backlash over the selection of the current EMs, due to the fact that it has been alleged that cronyism has occurred over the selection of Samproductions.
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