Elsemere Pond is a limited service through station that serves Stepford Connect services to Stepford Victoria, Willowfield, Stepford Central and Berrily.

Platform Layout

<< Passing Service Direction

Platform No. Use
1 Stepford Connect services to Berrily
<< Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central, Stepford Victoria and Willowfield
>> Track for Airlink passing services to Stepford Airport Central, Airport Terminal 2 and Airport Terminal 3

Track for Stepford Express passing services to Westwyvern and Llyn-by-the-Sea

<< Track for Airlink and Stepford Express passing services to Stepford Central


  • Connect trains from Stepford Central and Beechley to Morganstown pass through here, but do not stop. Passengers who wish to go to Morganstown must catch a Berrily bound train and change at either Elsemere Junction or Berrily. Passengers who wish to ride on Stepford Express must either change at Elsemere Junction or St. Helens Bridge. Passengers who wish to travel on Airlink can change at those stations as well along with Berrily.
  • In V1.7, the station’s position changed.
  • This station gets its name from the pond nearby and the area where it situates at.
  • This station was one of the few stations in the game where you can only cross platforms by crossings. A footbridge has been added in the 1.7.0 update.
  • Until 1.1.3, the foot crossing was broken as kill blocks were left in.
  • This is one of the few stations that doesn't have Concourse Information Boards.
  • It is possible to walk to St Helens Bridge via a road running alongside the railway tracks. New Harrow is unfortunately not connected by road, due to the station being located on the opposite side of the tracks.
  • In the Ten Million Update, a new route, R027, was added between Stepford Central and Berrily, meaning that this station is now served by two routes. The other route that serves this station is R008. In V1.6, another new route, R030, was added between Willowfield and Berrily, which means that 3 routes now call at this station.
  • This station and Elsemere Junction are the second closest stations on the network, with a distance of 0.26 miles apart. However, the line between Port Benton and Morganstown Docks beats this by just 0.02 miles with a distance of 0.24 miles between each other.
  • This station's platforms are slightly shorter than the length of a 5-car train. When a 5-car train approaches this station, the announcer will state that the doors of the rear coach will not open. This also happens at Hemdon Park, New Harrow, East Berrily and Beaulieu Park.
  • The foot/road crossing here is a popular place to stand and get flung by passing Airlink and Stepford Express services which often pass through at speed when not slowing to stop at Elsemere Junction.
  • This station has step-free access. The eastbound platform is accessible via a ramp at the entrance and the westbound platform can be accessed either via the footbridge or foot crossing. Passengers needing step-free access to the westbound platform should use the foot/road crossing.
  • The pond was redone and the station and surrounding area received a renovation in Version 1.7.
  • The station is immediately after the viaduct for Stepford Express services via Morganstown joins the Airlink tracks. No Stepford Express or Airlink services stop here though as no platforms exist.
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