Elsemere Junction is a major through station on the Morganstown Branch that was added in the Version 1.1 update. This station serves Stepford Connect services to Stepford Victoria, Beechley, Willowfield, Stepford Central, Berrily and Morganstown, Stepford Express services to Stepford Central and Westwyvern and limited Airlink services to Stepford Central and Airport Terminal 2.

Track Layout

Platforms Services
Platform 1 Stepford Connect services to Berrily and Morganstown
Platform 2 Stepford Connect services to Stepford Victoria, Beechley, Willowfield and Stepford Central
Platform 3 Limited Airlink services to Airport Terminal 2

Stepford Express services to Westwyvern

Platform 4 Limited Airlink services to Stepford Central

Limited Stepford Express services to Stepford Central


  • This station only has one passing track instead of two for both directions. The same goes for Angel Pass.
  • Numerous commercial buildings make up some of the scenery near this station, including the famous PizzabyBilly.
  • Even though Stepford Express serves this station, it is not on the spawn list for Stepford Express for Passengers. They would have to choose the Airlink list or Stepford Connect list.
  • In V1.6, the panels have changed but they are very bland and just say the station name. The same could be seen at Leighton Stepford Road. However, both of these stations were given new signs as part of the 1.7.0 update.
  • In SCR Version 1.7, this station was given the Airlink signage, implying this station is now managed by Airlink.
    • The platforms 1 and 2 are also given the Airlink signage even they are used by Stepford Connect only.
    • This is currently the only station station that is operated by Airlink but not located in the Stepford Airport.
    • Despite this station is operated by Airlink, only one Airlink service (R053) stops here.
  • In addition, in V1.7, Stepford Express started calling at this station when the Express Morganstown Branch opened.
    • Currently, only one Express service (R082) stops here.
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