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There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

Edgemead Siding was one of 4 sidings in use on Stepford Connect and one of 3 sidings in use on the whole network as of present. It was just outside Edgemead. In V1.7.2, with the Edgemead upgrade, the siding itself was demolished.

 Siding Component

Siding Slot Routes Platform at Edgemead
Lane 1 (Connect) R004 and R009 (Class 68 only) 1


  • The Edgemead Siding was once the furthest point from Stepford for trains to spawn at until Northshore Depot was opened.
  • Due to the track settings, trains using this siding can only head to the terminus at Edgemead, thus you cannot spawn trains going to Westwyvern nor Llyn-by-the-Sea here, you'll have to spawn them at Faymere Green TMD (Southbound).
    • This siding doesn't serve any Stepford Express trains, which also calls at Edgemead. This is because the siding only leads to the terminating platform and not the mainline, but no Express services terminates at Edgemead. All Express trains also have to use the Faymere Green TMD instead.
  • The siding was busy in the past as there is only one track, plus Edgemead was the furthest terminus of Connect at that time, until Stepford Express came into the game and Stepford Connect was extended to Westwyvern and Llyn-by-the-Sea.
  • After the release of v1.4, this siding may be the least used siding currently, as it only serves R004 (which only can be purchased after unlocking R003) and R009 (one of Class 68's exclusive routes), and these two routes are now seldomly driven by drivers as more players are willing to drive to Westwyvern and Llyn-by-the-Sea to enjoy the scenery.
  • This siding was added in V1.1 and was the first siding to be added to the game. For the list of depots and sidings, click here.
  • V1.7.2 brought the upgrade of Edgemead Station, which ultimately saw the siding being removed, most likely due to it being very rarely used after the opening of the Llyn Extension. It is the second spawn place in the entire game to be fully removed, the first being Bodin Depot.
    • Drivers wishing to start affected routes from Edgemead can now spawn at nearby Faymere Green TMD.
  • Train drivers often used the siding for grinding points (continuously driving to the terminus, by driving R004 or R009 from the siding, waiting to get points, despawning their train, and doing it all over again).
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