Edgemead is the station for Stepford Connect and Stepford Express services to Stepford Central, St. Helen's Bridge, Stepford Victoria, and Llyn-by-the-Sea.

Platform Layout

Platform No. Use
1 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to St Helens Bridge and Stepford Victoria
2 Limited Stepford Express services to Llyn-by-the-Sea

Stepford Connect services to Llyn-by-the-Sea and Westwyvern

3 Limited Stepford Express services to Stepford Central

Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central, St Helens Bridge, and Stepford Victoria


  • There's a siding nearby for Stepford Connect trains to spawn at, which only goes to Platform 1.
  • When Edgemead was released during version 1.1, platforms 2 and 3 were not in use with platform 3 being inaccessible. However, with the release of version 1.4, the platforms are in use and platform 3 can be finally accessed.
  • Edgemead's concept design hasn't changed since it was created, except for the terminus track. (The color is Cashmere)
  • This station has no CIS or Concourse boards,
  • Signallers affectionately call this station ”Mugmead” after SSG Muggenzifter.
  • Now that the Llyn extension is released platform 1 is rarely used
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