A sign reading "Eden Quack".

The view of the station and the Eden Quay lights from Platform 1.


Eden Quay is a through station. It is served by WaterLine services to Newry, Newry Harbour, James Street, Connolly, and Greenslade.

Platform Layout

Platform Service
Platform 1 WaterLine services to Connolly, James Street, and Greenslade
Platform 2 WaterLine services to Newry and Newry Harbour


  • For a while, there was no water beneath the station, and no buildings surrounding it. It was on the grass surrounded by bushes, with no exit and no scenery.
  • This is one of the few stations in the game that do not have a road near their entrance. The other  stations with this trait are Stepford Airport Central, Airport T1, T2, T3 and Greenslade.
  • This is one of the stations that have the most detailed scenery in the entire network.
  • This is the only station on the entire Stepford County Railway network that does not have a direct, ground-level entrance.
  • This is one of two stations that are suspended above the water. The other station is Financial Quarter.
  • This is the only station to have tilted station name signs.
  • This is the only elevated station on WaterLine.
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