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This page is about the rank in the SCR group. For the in-game role, see Dispatcher (Role).

A Dispatcher, more commonly referred to as a [DS], is a member rank in SCR. Dispatchers play a crucial role in the smooth operation of SCR, as they ensure traffic is consistently flowing as much as possible and all station departures are safe.

Avoiding Demotion

  • Do not trespass. This includes parkour, train-surfing, jumping on roofs and going off roads, paths and platforms.
  • Do not dispatch on a red signal, unless the train has overshot the signal, and/or had a SPAD.
  • Dispatch between the rear and middle of the car, while being positioned to an area where the OFF Indicator/Banner Repeater/Signal can be clearly seen, unless a Guard is on board.
    • If a 4-car train is being dispatched, the last 2 cars of the train are where the Dispatcher must position themselves.
    • If a 5-car train is being dispatched, the last 2 and a half cars of the train are where the Dispatcher must position themselves.
    • If the train has overshot, the normal procedure applies nevertheless.
    • If a Guard is on board, the Dispatcher must dispatch from the very front of the train except for double unit trains such as the Class 143 in which case the Dispatcher must dispatch at the very back of the train.
  • Do not leave the station while on-duty. Respawn immediately if flung.
  • Do not dispatch trains on a different platform than the train is on (unless the platform is curved like Stepford High Street and dispatching will improve visibility with the Guard)
  • Do not ride trains while on duty, unless a teleportation glitch has occurred. Should this occur, respawn immediately.
  • Face the direction of where the train is going when dispatching a train without a Guard onboard (i.e. a Driver-Only Operation (DOO) train), or face towards the Guard if there is one onboard.
  • Respect all people, no matter what rank they are.
  • Do not troll. This includes delaying a train for no reason, being AFK and attempting to derail trains.
  • All rules that apply to ranks at and below the Dispatcher rank still apply to people within the role. Demotion to a lower rank is possible if specific rules are broken.
  • Do not spawn as a Dispatcher with no intention of dispatching trains.
  • If the GUI stops responding, respawn immediately.
  • Stay on the platform until the train recently dispatched on the same platform has fully left. Movement is allowed after the dispatching animation but leaving the platform before the train has left is prohibited.
  • Make minimal movement during animations. This includes whistling and holding the baton.
  • Avoid not following the headcode priority.
  • Understanding TRTS (Train Ready to Start) is essential. It is pressed to alert any online Signallers that the train is ready to depart and to change the platform signal.


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