Stepford County Railway Wiki

Directors are the highest positioned rank group, having only four ranks and one person representing each rank. The offices of the directors can be found at Stepford Central, inside and outside Stepford Rail Operations Centre. The old offices at the Benton ROC no longer exist as they were demolished with the rest of Benton ROC during the refurbishment of the Benton station and area in Version 1.7. In Version 1.8, a second Directors Offices was built at Stepford Depot.

Director Ranks

Rank Department Occupant Description
Community Director
Community Doodgewoonbas This rank is senior to Community Manager and manages the social media accounts, public relations, and community operations.
Operations Director
Operations AsmeSolent This rank is senior to the department managers and manages the game operations.
Innovations Director
Innovations BanTech
Manages game development and suggestions from group members.
Managing Director
All departments Charlie_RBX Founder of SCR and manages everything in SCR.


  • The Community, Operations, and Innovations Directors used to share a Board of Directors role in the SCR Roblox Group, because Roblox previously limited a maximum of 18 ranks in a group. Despite the fact that the limit has since been increased to 40, the three ranks still shared this Roblox group rank until the 26th of May, 2022, where the ranks were separated.
    • Because of this, the Operations, Innovations and Community Directors were shown as the Community Director rather than their specific role in-game, since ranks shown are determined by one's rank in the group.