Stepford County Railway Wiki

In Stepford County Railway, Depots and Sidings are where trains spawn. Some depots are also used as maintenance facilities, or to store trains that are not currently in service. There are currently 14 depots and 9 sidings, adding up to 23 in total.


Current depots

Former depots

Future depots

  • There are currently no confirmed depots.


Current sidings

Former sidings

Future sidings

  • There are currently no confirmed sidings.


  • Some depots and sidings use a special type of signal called shunt signals, which only displays either Danger or Proceed. The major difference from normal signals is that it only has two aspects instead of three or four.
  • Currently, trains cannot return to depots after their service ended. Instead, the trains despawn on the station it terminates at. According to the roadmap, trains will be allowed to return to depots in the future.
    • During the developer Q&A on the 23rd October 2021, Managing Director Charlie_RBX stated that there was still much work needed for this to happen. For instance, most depots currently do not have tracks for returning, and some depots' design are simply too hard to be modified for returning, so not all depots may be designated for despawning when this feature is out. Also, changes regarding to the signalling system and train schedules are also involved to avoid disruption to other services.