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Coxly Newtown is an unused and abandoned station in between Coxly and Bodin. This station holds the only genuine signage in the game to show the abandoned Metro logo. This station has no rail connections and no passenger spawns. It can be now accessed without trespassing.

The station has 2 entrances both leading to a set of island platforms, and the interior walls are made of pebbles. There were tracks and tunnels leading into the station originally from the Connect mainline from Bodin, but they have been removed and buried. The lines in the tunnels after leaving this station still existed, but they were only dug to just before Coxly, where the Metro line was planned to terminate. The presence of a wall at one end of the platforms, plus it is in doubt whether any Metro platforms had existed in Coxly has led some to believe this was meant to be a terminus station.

As of Version 1.6 this station is officially closed for good, with both of the entrances filled up, making its platforms impossible to enter. A sign was added that states "Metro services no longer operate here. Please use Coxly Station just 5 minutes up the road." You will not be despawned if you walk on the tracks right next to the station.


  • This station is the only abandoned Metro station left in SCR with the reopening of Upper Staploe in version V1.7. Some thought that this station would be upgraded and brought back into service like Upper Staploe, but the SCR Version 1.7 update proved this to be untrue.
  • The Transport For Stepford headquarters is located opposite to the entrance of this station.
  • This station contains one of the only genuine signage of Metro. You can see some evidently not genuine signage rusting away on the grass next to the westbound Stepford Connect track, probably there to signify that Metro is dead.
  • The other place where you can see metro is at a store right next to Whitefield station. The store is boarded up with wood planks probably there to signify that Metro is dead.
  • This is one of two disused stations that remain structurally intact today, along with Robinson Way. (It could be argued that the old Upper Staploe counts)

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