Template:Infobox locationCoxly Bypass Siding is a siding next to Coxly Station that was added in Version 1.6. This siding has 1 lane and can be used to spawn on routes avoiding Coxly station. The siding exit joins the mainline just after Coxly station on the eastern direction (towards Benton).

Routes That Use Coxly Bypass Siding

Lane 1
Connect: R001, R002, R003, R004, R005, R006, R009, R024,R025, R026, R032, R033, R035, R036
Express: R075, R076, R077, R078, R079


  • This siding uses shunt signals, like the ones that could only be found at Faymere Green TMD before V1.6.
  • The old Coxly Depot was only available for Connect services, but the new bypass siding is now available for Express services.
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