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This page is about the siding that avoids Coxly. For the siding that allows trains to stop at Coxly, see Coxly Station Siding.

Coxly Bypass Siding is an eastbound facing siding next to Coxly that was added in Version 1.6. This siding has one lane and can be used to spawn on routes avoiding Coxly, unlike Coxly Station Siding which are used for trains stopping at Coxly. The siding exit joins the mainline just after Coxly on the eastern direction (towards Benton).

Siding Component

Siding Slot Routes Next Station
Lane 1 Connect Emoji.png R001
Stepford Central <> Stepford Airport Central
(Platform 4-5)
Connect Emoji.png R002
Stepford Central <> Port Benton
Connect Emoji.png R003
Stepford Central <> Leighton City
Connect Emoji.png R004
St Helens Bridge <> Edgemead
Connect Emoji.png R005
Stepford Victoria <> Stepford Airport Central
Connect Emoji.png R006
Stepford Victoria <> Port Benton
Connect Emoji.png R009
Stepford Victoria <> Edgemead
Connect Emoji.png R024
Stepford Central <> Llyn-by-the-Sea
Connect Emoji.png R025
St Helens Bridge <> Westwyvern
Connect Emoji.png R026
Stepford Victoria <> Llyn-by-the-Sea
Connect Emoji.png R032
Willowfield <> Port Benton
Connect Emoji.png R033
Beechley <> Stepford Airport Central
Connect Emoji.png R035
Willowfield <> Westwyvern
Connect Emoji.png R036
Willowfield <> Llyn-by-the-Sea
Connect Emoji.png R039
Benton <> Leighton City
Connect Emoji.png R044
Benton <> Leighton West
Connect Emoji.png R045
Stepford Victoria <> Leighton City
Express Emoji.png R076
Stepford Central <> Leighton City
(Platform 7)
Express Emoji.png R077
Stepford Central <> Llyn-by-the-Sea
via Benton
Express Emoji.png R078
Stepford Central <> Llyn-by-the-Sea (fast)
via Benton
Express Emoji.png R075
Stepford Central <> Benton (fast)
(Platform 8-9)
Express Emoji.png R079
Stepford Central <> Benton