Connolly is a terminal station. It is served by WaterLine services to Newry and Newry Harbour.

Platform Layout

Platform 1 Terminating, WaterLine services to Newry and Newry Harbour
Platform 2
Platform 3


  • This station was built by AMAviation, a former Control Centre Manager who is no longer here due to his leave from Roblox.
  • It is very rare for a train to terminate on Platform 2 or 3 here, because rarely there are two or more trains at Connolly at the same time.
  • Before The Big Update, the Connolly extension was visible from the refurbished Benton station but services could not run on it.
  • This station is named after Louie Connolly, a former contributor to Stepford County Railway.
  • There is a track with no platform surrounding it between the tracks for platform 1 and 2.
  • Platform 3 would be the only platform in the entire game with the least activity.
  • Before Version 1.1, Connolly was not a dispatchable station.
  • Before the station was open, it was supposed to be called Rose Dale Head, and a sign at Newry referenced it.
  • This station has a same name that the station Dublin Connolly, operated by Enterprise, located in Dublin, Ireland
  • Connolly is based on Kings Lynn Station, in Norfolk, England
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