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Connolly is a terminus station on the banks of the River Ben. It is served by Waterline services to Newry Harbour and Newry.

Track & Platform Layout

-] Terminus

Platforms/Tracks Services/Use
1 Terminating, Waterline services to Newry Harbour and Newry
Occupied by Class 730/0
-] Terminating, Waterline services to Newry Harbour and Newry


Platform(s) Previous station Route Next station
1-3 Ashlan Park
Waterline Emoji.png R011
to Newry
Waterline Emoji.png R012
to Newry Harbour

Announcements of Connolly

Stepford Connect
AirLink & Stepford Express


  • The station is based off of King's Lynn station in real life.
  • There is a real-life station with the same name in Dublin, Ireland.
  • This station was built by AMAviation, a former Control Centre Manager.
  • It was very rare for a train to terminate on Platform 2 or 3 here, because there are rarely two or more trains at Connolly at the same time, since not many drivers drive Waterline.
    • This was changed in V1.8 as platform allocation is changed to be random and trains have an equal chance to enter either 3 platforms.
  • Before The Big Update, the Connolly extension was visible from the refurbished Benton station but services could not run on it.
  • This station is named after Louie Connolly (DauntlessRBLX), a former Manager and contributor to Stepford County Railway.
  • There is a track with no platform surrounding it between the tracks for Platform 1 and 2. After V1.8, it was occupied by a not in service Class 730/0.
    • In the early days of V1.8.0, the PIS inside the train strangely displayed "Welcome on board Stepford Connect", despite the train clearly belonging to Waterline. This issue was later silently fixed by the developers in V1.8.1.
  • Before V1.1, Connolly was not a dispatchable station.
  • Before the station opened, it was supposed to be called Rose Dale Head. This was referenced from an old sign at Newry.
  • This is the northernmost point the River Ben can be seen. Just south of this station is a tributary, which is a small stream.
  • Players are able to see Eden Quay from here if their render distance is high enough.
  • This station has step-free access.
  • Many players like this station due to its good scenery compared to other stations nearby like Ashlan Park and James Street.
    • Though in V1.9.1, Ashlan Park's scenery got improved, making it more favoured by players.
  • This station's name is censored in game chat for no reason. In order to get around the restrictions, Connolly has been said in different ways, including: Connoly, Conolly or Conno. This happens to Berrily, Beaulieu Park, Upper Staploe, West Benton and Whitney Green, too. Beechley is also censored, but it has a reason after all. Many other stations' names can be censored due to lag or because of safe chat.
  • In V1.8, Connolly got improved scenery.
  • This is one of the two stations to have a train stabled directly next to/in the station, the other being Whitefield.
  • Part of the roof and pillars of the station, as well as the information boards still have the old Waterline colours.