Scattered across the map, there are various large, rectangular buildings displaying interesting names such as "BenTach's Systemz" or "Matty Studios". Many of these structures have somewhat humorous names and some contain references to certain aspects of the SCR community. This page contains a complete list of all the Commercial Buildings in SCR and the stories behind some of them

Please note that the explanations behind most of these commercial buildings are just what is generally believed by the community - none of this has been confirmed.

Morganstown Line

These commercial buildings are located on the Morganstown branch line. All but the last one can be found between Elsemere Junction & Berrily.

  • VisitBodin - Department of Knowledge: This is one of two VisitBodin structures and was probably built for one of the Product Developer, thehazad9, in order for him to attract people to Bodin, his favorite station.
  • Choc's Biscuits: This store is believed to be owned by the former Head of Platform Operations, chocolatesalty123.
  • PizzabyBilly: This is perhaps the most famous of all the commercial buildings. PizzabyBilly is named in honor of the Head of Network Signalling, billythepet, who is revered throughout the community for his pizza.
  • BenTach's Systemz: This commercial building was almost certainly designed as a joke. It appears to be the headquarters of BenTach, a nonexistent imposter of the Innovations Director BanTech.
  • Jame's M.O.T.'s: Little is known about the story behind this building. The text "M.O.T.s while you wait for a mate!" is written underneath the heading. In the UK, M.O.T.'s sometimes refer to a full-body medical exam, but nobody really knows the true meaning.
  • Berry's Berries of Berrily: This commercial station is located very close to Berrily, so the story behind its alliterative name is quite obvious. Interestingly, an unused track branches off of the AirLink tracks near this building and appears to collide with the structure's west wall.


WaterLine has many commercial buildings. The first two on this list can be found between West Benton and Faraday Road, while the rest are located between Newry and Newry Harbour.

  • West Benton Pet Supplies: This is another one of the more famous commercial buildings. Mattyx2013 has a special fondness for this store and created an advertisement for it that is on display at Whitefield Lido.
  • Dodgy Dave's Driveway- Distribution Center: Sponsored by VisitBodin: Department of Money. This is the second of the two VisitBodin commercial buildings. It's primary title, "Dodgy Dave's Driveway," appears to be a reference to Dave, a mythical person Charlie has dubbed the Chief Measurements Officer.
  • Newry Packaging Center
  • Coming Soon... Yes, you read correctly. This building simply displays the text "Coming soon..."
  • Matty Studios: This commercial building is quite obviously named after Mattyx2013, the former Operations Director.
  • Haughton Foundry: Haughton Foundry is Product Developer yrrebRBLX's Roblox development team. Haughton Foundry has two buildings in SCR - this commercial building, and a large tower between Stepford Central and Stepford East with yrebb's signature teapot painted on it.
  • Tob's Tools
  • Newry Harbour Customs & Shipping Centre
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