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Scattered across the map, there are various large, rectangular buildings displaying interesting names such as "BenTach's Systemz". Many of these structures have somewhat humorous names and some contain references to certain aspects of the SCR community. There are many different types of Commercial Buildings, ranging from large, blocky structures to small downtown shops. This page contains a complete list of all the Commercial Buildings in SCR and the stories behind some of them.

Please note that the explanations behind most of these commercial buildings are just what is generally believed by the community - none of this has been confirmed.

Morganstown Line

These commercial buildings are located on the Morganstown branch line. All but the last one can be found between Elsemere Junction & Berrily.

  • VisitBodin - Department of Knowledge: This is one of three VisitBodin structures and was probably built for one of the Product Developer, thehazad9, in order for him to attract people to Bodin, his favorite station.
  • Choc's Biscuits: This store is believed to be owned by the former Head of Platform Operations, chocolatesalty123.
  • PizzabyBilly: This is perhaps the most famous of all the commercial buildings. PizzabyBilly is named in honour of the Head of Network Signalling, billythepet, who is revered throughout the community for his pizza. There is another PizzaByBilly located at Westercoast.
  • BenTach's Systemz: This commercial building was almost certainly designed as a joke. It appears to be the headquarters of BenTach, a nonexistent imposter of the Innovations Director BanTech.
  • James' M.O.T.s - M.O.T.s while you wait for a mate!: Little is known about the story behind this building. In the UK, M.O.T.s sometimes refer to a full-body medical exam, and also to test to make sure a vehicle is road-legal, but nobody really knows the true meaning.
  • Berry's Berries of Berrily: This commercial station is located very close to Berrily, so the story behind its alliterative name is quite obvious. Interestingly, an unused track branches off of the AirLink tracks near this building and appears to collide with the structure's west wall. There are two buildings in Westercoast with similar names: Barry's Berries and Berry's Berries.
  • Greenslade Security: Likely named after SirGreenslade who was a security officer at SCR before that rank was removed. While the building is located at East Berrily, it can be seen from Greenslade.


WaterLine has many commercial buildings. The first two on this list can be found between West Benton and Faraday Road, while the rest are located between Newry and Newry Harbour.

  • West Benton Pet Supplies: One of the buildings is located across the line from West Benton station and the other is between Faraday Road and West Benton and appears to be a warehouse. Advertisements can be found at Leighton City, Starryloch, Whitefield and Whitefield Lido.
  • Dodgy Dave's Driveway- Distribution Center: Sponsored by VisitBodin: Department of Money. It's primary title, "Dodgy Dave's Driveway," appears to be a reference to Dave, a mythical person Charlie has dubbed the Chief Measurements Officer. .
  • Newry Packaging Center
  • Coming Soon...: Yes, you read correctly. This building simply displays the text "Coming soon..."
  • Matty Studios: This commercial building appears to be the headquarters of Matty Studios, a development group owned by Mattyx2013. It also seems to own West Benton Pet Supplies as there is the company's logo beneath the advertisements for that store and on the West Benton Pet Supplies building located in West Benton.
  • Haughton Foundry: Haughton Foundry is Product Developer yrrebRBLX's Roblox development team for the game Mind the Gap. Haughton Foundry has two buildings in SCR - this commercial building, and a large tower between Stepford Central and Stepford East with yrreb's signature teapot painted on it.
  • Tob's Tools: Possibly a workshop.
  • Newry Harbour Customs & Shipping Centre

Llyn Extension

The majority of the Commercial Buildings on the track to Llyn-by-the-sea are different in that they occupy just small shops that all make up one massive building, instead of one large structure each.


  • CeeGee's: This commercial building is located at Millcastle. It is most likely a shop built for cg7033, the Relations Director.
  • Roman's Bowling
  • The Drum and Bass Possibly pub.
  • Nice to Greek You
  • Nickes - Builders Merchant
  • Joe's Trainer Shop: A trainer is a type of sports footwear.


Westercoast has a wide variety of different Commercial Buildings. These first ones are made out of bricks with window decals, and a sign designating them at the top.

  • Overhead's Wires: This Commercial Building is clearly for OverheadWires, the former Product Developer.
  • Welsh's Watchmakers: This building could potentially be for TransportForWales (formally thewelsh1), the current Head of Operational Standards.
  • Eco's Back Scratcher: This commercial building is built for Ecoscratcher, a Youtuber notorious for his criticism of Stepford County Railway.
  • Stepford Electronics

These next two commercial buildings are also made out of brown bricks with window decals, but their names are depicted in gold lettering above their doors. They resemble British pubs.

  • The Railway Tavern: Pub, But it has Closed Down.
  • The Valley Arms

The final commercial buildings are all small shops that make up larger structures, much like at Millcastle.

  • Bargain Bevs
  • Vault
  • Muller Corner
  • Curry Club Possibly a Party club
  • Thats why dads shop at Ireland .
  • Family Lawyers
  • Funeral Care
  • I ❤️ Bodin: It is well known that Westercoast's scenery was built by Product Developer thehazad9, who is known to be the mayor of Bodin.
  • FELLA'S FRIES: Possibly a Restaurant serves fish and chips.
  • 98p Store: This is a reference to the former pound shop 99p Stores, which was acquired by Poundland.
  • Teimo's Shop: This may be a reference to the video game My Summer Car.
  • Baseball Hats
  • Victoria Research Group
  • Phoneware Carhouse: This is a spin-off of Carphone Warehouse.
  • InnAtHome
  • SUFC Official Store: (Stepford United Football Club)
  • Barry's Berries: Similar to Berry's Berries of Berrily. May be a competitor.
  • The Faymere Citizen
  • Westercoast Homes
  • West Benton Skips Co.
  • Choc's Biscuits: Closed.
  • Jive's Boulangerie: This commercial building appears to be built for the Head of People Engagement, JiveOff. A boulangerie is a bakery, as a referrence of his Roblox group of restaurant called Jive's.
  • PizzaByBilly: This is the second store of the Head of Network Signalling, Billythepet. This one is significantly more detailed than the store at Elsemere Junction despite being smaller, with pictures of Billythepet next to the sign and a stack of pizza boxes near the entrance.
  • West Benton Pet Supplies: This is the second store for West Benton Pet Supplies. The same advertisement seen at Whitefield Lido, Whitefield, Leighton City and Starryloch is standing outside the store.
  • Mike's Trout
  • Jamie's Jammies: JamiePlaysAGamie is a former Senior Signaller for Stepford County Railway, but it is unknown whether or not this building was named in his honor.
  • Berry's Berries: Possibly another location of the same company that owns Berry's Berries of Berrily.
  • Al's Vids: This building is clearly built for the former Head of Platform Operations, Al_Vids.
  • VisitBodin
  • Westercoast Tourism
  • Jive's Chives: This building is probably another referrence of a Roblox group of restaurant called Jive's by the HPE, JiveOff .
  • Royal Bank of Bodin Wasting your money since time began.
  • Dyno's Diner: Dyno is the moderation bot used on the SCR Official Discord Server, and it appears that this diner is named in its honour.
  • Greenslade Security: A larger Greenslade Security is located on the Morganstown Branch Line. This one features two signs painted on it: "0 days since the last break-in" and "Stepford's #1 Security".
  • Weightrose
  • TheCODFather: This store's name could be a pun on 'The Godfather'
  • Somerfield's
  • Stepford County Council
  • Harry's Holidays: This store, ironically, displays the sign "Closed for the Holidays."
  • S. Skinner Supermarche: 'Supermarche' is French for a supermarket.

Finally, VisitBodin: Department of Foreign Affairs & Tourism: is the third VisitBodin building which stands tall over everything else in Westercoast.

Two signs for a small alleyway in between the stores in this area, Carlos Courtyard, can be found.


There is only one commercial building at Whitefield, which was added in the V1.4.1 update.

  • Metro: This is a small commercial building featuring the logo of the legacy operator Metro. Originally, it was planned that Metro would serve this station, as well as all the others along the track to Whitefield. However, the Metro commercial building also has boards blocking up the entrance, indicating that Metro has closed down for good.
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