SCR uses a system of administrator commands to enable Signallers, Supervisors and users to conduct their roles appropriately. 

The command console can only be opened if you have a keyboard on you. The console is opened by pressing the ' (UK). The key-code for this key is Quote (‘).

If a command does not have any arguments or a description displayed, it is because those details are not known.


  • <Required Argument>
  • [<Optional Argument>]
  • Command Name ​​​​​and Args Description

Users (Level 0)

  • mytransactions Displays trains and routes bought.
  • mouseicon off Removes the mouse from the screen.
  • mouseicon on Reveals the mouse position again.

Level 1

  • commands Gets available commands.

Signallers (Level 6)

All Level 1 Commands plus the following below

  • jump <player> Make player jump.
  • mute <player> Mutes player from all chats.
  • unmute <player> Unmutes the player.
  • respawn <player> Sends player back to the menu. (Aliases: kill, spawn)
  • dispatcherlist Displays allocated dispatchers. (Alias: dispatchers)
  • kick <player> [<reason>] Kicks player from the server.
  • traininfo <player|number|headcode> Gets train information. (Alias: train)

Level 7

All Level 6 Commands plus the following below.

  • ban <player> [<reason>] Bans player from the server.
  • unban <player> Removes player from the server banlist.
  • trainlist Displays active trains. (Alias: trains)

Supervisors (Level 8)

All Level 7 Commands plus the following below. VIP Server owners are given Level 8. It's believed to be a bug that Signallers who own a VIP server only can access Level 6 commands.

  • clearhistory <player> Clears spam history of player.

Managers (Level 9)

All Level 8 Commands plus the following below.

  • experience
  • pban
  • unpban
  • log / commandlog
  • watch <player> Sets player as camera subject.
  • unwatch Resets your camera.
  • teleport <from> <to> Teleport "from" to "to".

Directors (Level 10)

All Level 9 Commands plus the following below.

  • points
  • transactions


  • When you look at "mytransactions" the 379 will be called SW387 instead of SW379.
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