The Class 802 A-Train AT300 is a bimodal multiple unit manufactured by Hitachi, in use on AirLink. These trains are formed of 5 coaches, and cost 3000 points.


  • A paper Class 802 appears in the last few seconds of the trailer for V1.1, when these trains were added. 
  • The paper Class 802 is shown on the billboard which says, "City Centre to Stepford Airport in 8 minutes; take a ride on AL AirLink." It is unkown when this photo will be updated.
  • In real life, these trains have a max speed of 125 MPH, but in SCR it is only 110 mph.
  • This train has the highest class number of any train. The second being the Class 801, operating on Stepford Express
  • These trains are also called Nova 1. It is also the only one of the three Transpennine Express Nova trains in SCR. 
  • This is one of two trains in SCR that excluding cab doors have single-leaf doors. The other is the Class 801
  • It was first revealed in a sneak peak on the SCR Discord Server, then again for the Next Generation upgrade. 
  • This train is one of the four most expensive trains in SCR. The others are the Class 68, the Class 387 and the Class 43
  • The Class 802 shares the exact same horn sound as the Class 185Class 360/1Class 755 and Class 801 
  • This Train is most often used on the AirLink routes: R051, R052, R056, and R057
  • When this train became Next Generation, it received new destination boards at the side, new sounds, a smooth side and face (like the upcoming NG Class 321), and a yellow front and back to match the current AirLink livery. 
  • This is the first Next Generation trains to have smooth curving on the sides. 
  • Before this train was upgraded to Next Generation, it did not have a yellow front, it's front was black (People called it a "Penguin train.") The term "Penguin train" now applies to the Class 801 on Stepford Express
  • The Class 802 is exactly the same as the Class 801 running on Stepford Express, with the exception of the livery, class number & maximum operating speed.


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