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The British Rail Class 802 AT300 is a bi-mode multiple-unit train built by Hitachi, as part of their A-Train family. The trains are currently in use with AirLink. The train has received a NGv3 rebuild in Blender by former Product Developer OverheadWires and is the first train to receive it. It has low tris and runs much smoother in game. It costs 3,000 Points.


Doors opening
Doors closing


  • In its original livery, this train was known as the Penguin, due to its black front and white sides. The original livery can be seen in the trailer for SCR Version 1.1, as well as one of AirLink's advertisements
  • This train, along with the the Class 801, Class 43, Class 220, Class 221 and Class 444, are the only trains in SCR with single leaf doors.
  • They are prone to colliding with track buffers due to their aerodynamic cab. 
  • Formerly, an AirLink Class 802 was displayed in yrrebRBLX's Game Terminal. It had a slightly different livery from what was actually used before v1.6.5. It also displayed the destination as Llyn-by-the-Sea, which AirLink does not operate to.
    • As of January 2022, that feature got removed possibly beacuse of his resignation.
  • In V1.6.5, this train was remodelled by former Product Developer OverheadWires and has been given a fresh new livery alongside a new logo for AirLink.
  • It was the first train in AirLink to receive an NGv3 rebrand and new logo. It is also the first AirLink train to have the speed limit of 125 MPH.
  • This train and the Class 801 have no destination boards on the front of the train, but they do have them on the side.
  • This train along with the Class 43, Class 68 and Class 801 are the only trains to have an on-board kitchen. It is located behind the first class cab and in front of the first class cabin.
  • When this train received the new NGv3 rebuild, it had a multitude of issues, including slippery floors and detached windows. Many of these issues might be fixed later on in a future update.
  • The maximum speed was increased in V1.7 to 125 MPH, probably because the AirLink tracks at the Morganstown branch had been upgraded to support 125 mph operations for Stepford Express services.
    • Before V1.7, this train's maximum speed was only 110 MPH.
  • When this train got upgraded to NGv3, the floor in this train became harder to walk on, thus making it harder for passengers to disembark and for guards to do their job. This was fixed in v1.7.
  • This train is the highest numbered train in Stepford County Railway.
  • This is the only non-Stepford Express train to have the top speed of 125 mph. It is the fastest AirLink train as of V1.7.
  • At some Depots, players can see the Class 802, but in Stepford Express livery. These depots are: Stepford Depot, Leighton Depot and Benton Depot.

Known Issues

  • The windscreen of this train does not fully cover the window frame area, and gaps are visible from inside the cab itself and in some certain angles. This was not present when the train was not NGv3.
  • The train’s single leaf doors are known to show inside the train when opened and make it look like it is clipping through the train. This also applies to the Class 801. They are mostly hidden from view though.
  • There are glitches where Guards and Passengers somehow enter the on-board kitchen that is behind the cab but in front of the first class cabin when the train received the NGv3 rebuild.