The Class 801 A-Train AT300 is an electric multiple unit manufactured by Hitachi, in use on Stepford Express. These trains are formed of 5 coaches and cost 1688 points (2250 normally). When this train was first released, its price was lowered to 1800 points until December 26th, as part of SCR's Christmas sale.  

In real life, the Class 801 entered service in 2019, and was meant to replace the old InterCity 125 and InterCity 225. The class 801 has 2 variants, 801/1 is 5 coaches long, and is operated by Stepford Express and the 801/2 is 9 coaches long. In real life, these trains are operated by LNER.  

The Class 801/1 features 1 first class cab car, 1 first class/standard class car, 2 standard class cars and 1 standard class cab car in the back of the train.  


  • This train was not shown in a sneek peek, however it did appear in the background of the Westercoast sneak peek and was mentioned when BanTech stated that he was trying to fix the sounds for multiple trains, including the Class 801.
  • This train has the second-highest class number in the game being behind the Class 802, but beating the previous train being the Class 755.
  • Class 801 is exactly the same as the Class 802 running on Airlink, with the exception of class numbers, liveries, operators, and maximum speeds.
  • In real life, these trains are replacing the Class 43 HSTs
  • This train is nicknamed the Purple Penguin or just Penguin in SCR while its nicknamed Azuma on LNER in real life.
  • The Class 801 shared the exact same horn sound as the Class 185, Class 360/1, Class 755 and the Class 802.
  • Due to the low price of this train, it's really common to see them on Stepford Express routes.
    • Most Stepford Express drivers start with this train.
  • Despite having 5 coaches instead of 6, the Class 801 is about the same length as the Class 43.
  • The maximum speed of the Class 801 in real life is 140 MPH, but in SCR the service speed is limited to 125 MPH to match with the max speed of the line.
  • In real life, this train is operated by London North Eastern Railway.
  • As they have an aerodynamic cab, it is easy to crash into buffers. This also applies to Class 802.

Known Issues

  • The doors happen to glitch through the walls when opening, and may be fixed when converted into CSG.


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