Class 755/4 side view.


The Class 755 is the latest addition to the SCR Fleet, being introduced in the Five Million Update on September 17th, 2019. It serves AirLink in /3 and /4 variants.


  • This is the first train in SCR to have only two doors per coach (one on each side), as shown on the SCR twitter page. 
  • This train also has a power car located in the center of the train, which passengers are able to walk through. 
  • This train was added to celebrate 5 million visitors. 
  • Only the 3 coach version of the train has the special 5M visits livery following a similar system implemented on the Class 331
  • This is the first FLIRTtrain in SCR. 
  • It is the first articulated train an SCR. It features a configuration, where 1 wheel bogie is between 2 coaches. 
  • In reality, this train is incredibly smooth, due to the fact it has a separate car for its engines. 
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