The British Rail Class 755 is a type of electro-diesel multiple-unit train built by Stadler, as part of their FLIRT family. The trains are currently in use with Airlink and were introduced for an update which happened at 5 million visits.


  • All Class 755/3 units are painted in a special livery to commemorate SCR reaching five million visits. 
  • These trains are the only trains in SCR to have one pair of doors on each side of every coach. It is also the only multiple unit train built by Stadler in SCR. 
  • In real life, this train is currently in use with Greater Anglia. It is incredibly quiet and smooth, as the engines are all in a single non-seated coach instead of under the floor of each coach.
  • The Class 755 is the only AirLink train that hasn't got the new logo as of V1.7.1. When it does get the new livery, the special livery on the 755/3 will likely be removed.
  • This is also the only train in SCR to have it's own special power car but they aren't counted as a coach.


  • The shape of the Class 755 has been criticised for being curved the opposite way and being quite blocky.
  • Passengers that are standing in the passenger coaches of the Class 755 will not be touching the ground, they float for some reason. This is most likely due to hit boxes.

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