755 side view

Side view of Class 755


The Class 755 FLIRT is a bimodal multiple unit manufactured by Stadler, in use on AirLink. These trains are formed of 3 (755/3) or 4 (755/4) coaches, and cost 2250 points.


  • These trains are the only trains in SCR to have one set of doors (two doors) per coach. They are also the second bimodal trains. 
  • These trains were added in celebration of five million place visits, and the 755/3 units have a unique livery to indicate this. 
  • In real life, these train are incredibly quiet and smooth, as the engines are all in a single car without seats instead of under the floor of each car. 
  • The Class 755/3 is the shortest Airlink train in the game along with single Class 185 (AirLink). 
  • Only the 3 coach version of the train has the special 5M visits livery following a similar system implemented on the Class 331
  • This is the first FLIRT train in SCR. 
  • The modelling of these trains has been heavily criticized for its inaccurate curvature. 
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