The British Rail Class 755 is a type of electro-diesel multiple-unit train built by Stadler, as part of their FLIRT family. The trains are currently in use with Airlink and were introduced for an update which happened at 5 million visits.


  • All Class 755/3 units are painted in a special livery to commemorate SCR reaching five million visits. 
  • These trains are the only trains in SCR to have one door per coach. It is also the only train built by Stadler in SCR. 
  • In real life, this train is currently in use with Greater Anglia. It is incredibly quiet and smooth, as the engines are all in a single non-seated coach instead of under the floor of each coach. 


  • The shape of the Class 755 has been criticised for being curved the opposite way and being quite blocky.
  • Passengers that are standing in the passenger coaches of the Class 755 will not be touching the ground, they float for some reason.

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