The Class 730 Aventra is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Bombardier, which is being built in real life currently, in use on Waterline (730/0) and Stepford Connect (730/1). These trains are 3 (730/0) or 5 (730/1) cars in length, with a max speed of 100 MPH, and cost 1000 points on Waterline and 1500 points on Connect.


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  • July (date unknown): Livery changed to have the new SCR logo.


  • May 1: Converted to Next Generation (directly to NGv2) in Version 1.5. The one million livery was changed to the normal Waterline livery.
  • June 16: Sneak peek of 5 car Stepford Connect Class 730 was revealed.
  • June 22: The Class 730/1 is put in service on Stepford Connect as a 5-car unit.


  • This train is the cheapest Waterline train you can purchase, at a cost of 1000 points. Because of this, these units are quite frequently operated and diverted many drivers' plans to buy Stepford Connect trains or Class 195, whose prices are mostly 1500 points.
    • Most Waterline starters use this train as it's very cheap.
  • Just before the release of the One Million Update, the train was labeled "Class BTS (BanTech Systems)" in the menu and painted black so you could not see the designs.
  • The game used to incorrectly state that this train had a max speed of 130 MPH. If so, then it would have been the fastest in SCR. However, this was not true.
  • In real life, the Class 730/0 has a top speed of 90 MPH while the 730/1 and 730/2 have their top speed at 110 MPH. If either of the latter two were put in, they would be the fastest trains on Waterline.
  • The Next Generation version of these trains are difficult to stop precisely from a driver’s visual perspective: the cab windows are small and have far reach from the driver’s seat, and generally gangway-ended trains have limited views from the cab. The driver has to be an expert at judging their speed and position on the platform to be able to precisely stop with such constraints.
  • In real life, these trains are not in service yet, but they are being built, operated by West Midlands Trains; it is unclear whether or not the Class 730 in-game represents the one being built. This may potentially be the only fictional train in SCR. In a sense this is also the newest train in SCR.
  • The Class 730 once had the highest class number out of all trains, but the Class 802 took this spot as of V1.1.
  • This train didn't have its TOPS train numbers shown outside the train before it was upgraded to Next-Gen in V1.5. Currently, only the Class 08 doesn't show it. (The Class 08 is used for scenery only and cannot be driven.)
  • This train used to be infamous for derailing while returning to Benton from Cambridge Street Parkway as well as other locations.
  • This was the last Previous Generation Million Visits train left in the game. With the upgrade to Next Generation the train lost the livery commemorating the milestone.
  • This was the final Next Generation to be sneak-peeked. This happened on April 30th, on Discord, when a sneak-peek of Class 730 NG was published.
    • The Next Generation model does not have a yellow front.
    • It also got new sounds. It now sounds like the Class 700 on AC power in real life, or the old Class 707 sounds in-game. This is inaccurate.
  • This was part of the last batch Previous Generation trains to be upgraded to Next Generation, alongside the Class 380, Class 165 and Class 166.
  • This is the second Next Generation train not to have a yellow front after it originally having one. The first was Class 68.
  • This train does not have a functional cab door, which is quite different compared to many of the recent trains that were upgraded to Next Generation (The Class 380, Class 165 and Class 166.)
  • This train is available in Stepford Connect and Waterline, making it the 2nd train to be operated by multiple operators along with the Class 185.
  • The Class 730 on Stepford Connect have the old Stepford Connect seats, not the new Stepford Connect seats.

    Sneak peek of Stepford Connect Class 730 at Leighton Stepford Road, bound to Westwyvern.


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