The Class 730 Aventra trains are used for WaterLine services. These trains are 3 cars in length, with a max speed of 100 MPH. This train costs 1000 points.


  • These trains are the cheapest WaterLine trains you can purchase, at a cost of 1000 points. Because of this, these units are quite frequently operated and diverted many drivers' plans to buy Stepford Connect trains, which are usually priced at 1500 points.
  • Just before the release of the One Million Update, the train was labeled "Class BTS" in the menu and painted black so you could not see the designs.
  • The game incorrectly stated that these trains had a max speed of 110 MPH. If so, then it would have been the fastest in SCR. However, this was not true. The Class 43 and the Class 801 holds the record of 125 MPH.
  • In real life, the class 730/0 has a top speed of 90 MPH while the 730/1 and 730/2 have their top speed at 110 MPH. If either of the latter two were put in, they would be the fastest trains on WaterLine.
  • This is the only train to not have the class number shown on the outside. Regardless, the variant used in the game is for the most part the 730/0 as the 730/1 and 730/2 variants have 5 coaches as opposed to 3. The class number will probably be shown on the outside when this train becomes a Next Generation train.
  • The Class 730 is painted in a special livery (designed by BanTech) instead of the standard WaterLine livery. It now sports the new logo.
  • In real life, these trains are not in service yet, but they are being built; it is unclear whether or not the Class 730 in-game represents the one being built. This may potentially be the only fictional train in SCR. In a sense this is also the newest train in SCR.
  • The Class 730 had the highest class number out of all trains, but the Class 802 took this spot as of V1.1,
  • This train used to be infamous for derailing while returning to Benton from Cambridge Street Parkway as well as other locations. Thankfully, this bug is now fixed (which version fixed the bug?).

    The Class BTS (see trivia)


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