The Class 720 Aventra is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Bombardier, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 5 coaches, and cost 1500 points.


  • All Class 720 units were extended from 4 to 5 coaches in V1.0 to reflect its in-real-life counterpart
  • These trains were unique for having their destinations in white Highway Gothic. This font was shared with all other Aventra trains and the Class 755 in SCR; but in the 1.4.1 Update, the color of the Destination Board text was changed to Orange.
  • In real life, the Class 720/5 has entered service with Greater Anglia and while the numbering situation in real life has numbers in both the 7201xx and 7205xx series, SCR has stuck with having the numbers in the 7205xx series only.
  • This is the first Aventra train that was added to SCR.
  • Currently, this train and the Class 730 are the only Aventra trains left in the game, as Class 701 got removed in V1.1 and Class 345 was only an AirLink test train.
  • When this train got upgraded to Next Generation, the front of the train became yellow like in real life. It also now has destination boards on the side beside the front. It used to have a black front like Class 801, Class 730 and Previous Generation Class 802.
  • These trains don't have first class in real life as well as in SCR.
  • When this train got upgraded to Next Generation, it also has a red line on some coaches. That means there's a toilet in that coach.
  • Before the Next Generation upgrade, these trains were rarely seen. Now they are more common.
  • This train will be the last train getting upgraded to Next Generation V2 by former PDV Mattyx2013.
  • The new NGv2 version was mistaken by many people as the Class 701 (A former train for Waterline that was removed for looking too much like the Class 720 and other problems)
  • These trains were renumbered into Class 720/5s in V1.6, they were Class 720/0s before V1.6 (Class 720/0s don't exist in real life).
  • This was the second train given the new Stepford Connect livery. The first was the Class 380.
  • This train is criticised for being flat and its shaping generally being quite inaccurate and squared.
  • The roof on the car of the Pantograph was gone in servers with versions 1.6.0 - 1.6.2



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