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The Class 717 Desiro City is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Siemens, in use on Stepford Connect. It is formed of 6 coaches and costs 500 points.

This is the first 6-coach train to be introduced on Stepford Connect since the removal of the Class 700.


Doors opening
Doors closing


  • This train is the fourth train in the game to be directly introduced as NGv3, with the others being the Class 168, Class 444 and Class 143.
  • This train is the second and only operating Stepford Connect train featuring 6 carriages (with the other one being the now-defunct Class 700).
  • This train is the third train from the Desiro City family to have been in SCR. The first one is the removed Class 700 and the second is the Class 707.
  • This train is the only operating 6 coach train not formed of 2 units coupled together.
  • This train is one of four trains in the game which do not have a yellow front, with the others being the Class 68, Class 730, and Class 801.
  • It is the only train in the entire network that has a top speed of 85 MPH.
  • Due to its low price, this is considered by many players as the third noob train, after the Class 357 and Class 707.
  • Similar to the Class 68 and Class 730, this train features very dark front ends, making it very difficult to see detail at night. This has received plenty of criticism.
  • Along with its sister, the Class 707, the Class 717 is one of the only Stepford Connect multiple units in the whole fleet to have black sliding passenger doors closest to the cab ends. The rest of the Stepford Connect fleet all have white doors closest to the cab ends since the major update in V1.6.
  • Despite having 6 coaches and being the longest train in terms of carriages on Stepford Connect, the Aventra family (Class 720 and 730/1), both with 5 coaches, is still longer than this train in terms of length.
  • This is one of the three trains to feature a dedicated emergency exit, the other two being the Class 319 and Class 508.
  • Just like the NGv3 Class 380, this train's cab window is extremely small, making it difficult to see outside the train in cab view. The driver has to be an expert at judging their speed and position on the platform to be able to precisely stop with such constraints.
  • Despite the onboard announcements mentioning that this train does not fit at Beaulieu Park, it still perfectly fits at the station.
    • This is because this train is only slightly shorter than the Aventras (Class 720 and 730/1) and these trains also fit perfectly on the aforementioned station.
  • In V1.8.2, with the addition of the train, there was no 6 car marker at Leighton City, so Class 717 drivers stopped at the 5/2+4 HST stop markers. This was fixed in V1.8.4, with the 5 car marker modified to 5-6.
  • Due to the Roblox Audio Privacy Update on 22 March 2022, some sound effects of this train could not be played, which made the sound less realistic overall. This was fixed in later updates.