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The Class 707 Desiro City is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Siemens, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 5 coaches and cost 300 points.

This is the first train to receive a CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) model livery in SCR. This improved the performance for many users, as well as giving the livery a sharper look. Along with this, the Class 707's interior was improved to make it look more accurate to the 707‘s real life counterpart.


Doors opening
Doors closing


  • This train replaced the Class 700s in The Big Update.
  • This train is one of the most common trains you can see in SCR and is often more in use than the Class 357 (free train) because many players use this train despite if they are starters or not, unlike the Class 357 which is less favoured by experienced players due to its "noob train" image.
    • This is because the 707 is the cheapest buyable train in SCR, costing 300 points.
    • Because of its common usage, especially by less experienced players, this train is sometimes called the 'semi-noob' train by players.
  • This train is the only train from the Desiro City family to currently operate on SCR, as the Class 700 was withdrawn.
  • This train is much cheaper than most other of the Stepford Connect trains, with the exception of the free Class 357.
  • This train is often being considered as more successful in SCR than it is in real life.
  • In real life, these trains have the destination boards on the side of the windows, however they are not visible in SCR. This problem is also present on the Class 195 and the Class 331.
  • This train shares its horn sound with the Class 350 and Class 360/2 in SCR but not in real life.
  • Many new players in the game target to buy this train as their first paid train as it the cheapest paid train.
  • This is the first Next Generation train to receive an NGv2 upgrade which includes remodelled bogies and new interior.
  • The Class 707 is the only Connect multiple unit in the whole fleet to have black sliding passenger doors closest to the cab ends. The rest of the Connect fleet all have white doors closest to the cab ends since the major update in v1.6.
  • The old sounds used to be a low pitched version of the Class 700 sounds in AC power. These were, however, changed to the sound on DC power along with its Next Generation upgrade. The acceleration sound was corrected first then after that, the braking sound.
  • These trains are often used for grinding points on Stepford Connect routes.
  • In October 2020, this train was announced to be converted to NGv3 by PDV aeroware. Due to aeroware's resignation in February 2021, the train's upgrade was put on hold until further notice.
    • The conversion may be completed by their replacements, either MrTransportGuy or LetsGamingYT.


  • Previously, when people went to a seat, the person would sit in an invisible seat instead of one of the normal seats.
  • You can sit on a folded seat on this train.