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[[Stepford Depot]]
[[Stepford Depot]]
[[Edgemead Siding]]
[[Woodhead Lane Northbound Depot]]
[[Woodhead Lane Northbound Depot]]

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The Class 68 Eurolight trains are used for Stepford Connect services. These trains are classified as 3 coach trains but technically have 5 cars in length since there are two locomotives on each end of the train, with a maximum speed of 100 MPH. This train costs 3000 points and 200 experience to unlock.

Available Routes

R003 - Stepford Central <-> Leighton Stepford Road

R004 - St .Helen's Bridge <-> Edgemead

R006 - Stepford Victoria <-> Port Benton

R007 - Stepford Central <-> Morganstown

R009 - Stepford Victoria <-> Edgemead

R022 - Stepford Victoria <-> Whitefield


  • This is a unique fleet, since it is the only train that does not operate on all Stepford Connect routes; it only operates on 6 of the 13 routes.
  • The R009 service is exclusive to this fleet.
  • This is also the only fleet that requires experience to buy.
  • This train is also the first (and currently only) locomotive-hauled train in SCR.
  • The coaches are British Rail Mark 3 Coaches.
  • This is the only train that has swing doors. While in the game they are automatic, in real life they are hand-operated. This could be a retrofit as some real operators have put sliding doors on their mark 3 coaches.
  • This train is one of the three most expensive trains in SCR. The others are the Class 387 and the Class 802.
  • This is the only train that doesn't have access to any of the Airport stations.
  • This train now is a Next Generation train.
  • This train does not stop at Stepford Airport Parkway, Stepford Airport Central, New Harrow, and Elsemere Pond.
  • This train does not terminate at Stepford UFC, Berrily, and Stepford Airport Central.
  • When this train became NG, it was also able to do R004.
  • The locomotives have a distinct livery just like the Class 458/0, Class 158, Class 350 and the Class 331/0.
  • The front and back engine had part of the SCR Logo on it.


  • When this train approaches East Berrily and Beaulieu Park, the announcer states that coach 4 will not open, but this train has no 4th coach. This may be counting the locomotives as coaches.


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