A Class 68 and Class 331 at Beechley

The Class 68 UKLight is a diesel-electric locomotive manufactured by Stadler Rail (formerly Vossloh), in use on Stepford Connect.


  • This train only operates 18 out of the 28 Stepford Connect routes, R003, R004, R006, R007R022, R024, R025, R028, R029, R030, R031, R032, R033, R034, R035, R037, R038 and the exclusive R009 (Stepford Victoria to Edgemead), R026 (Stepford Victoria to Llyn-by-the-Sea) and R036 (Willowfield to Llyn-by-the-Sea) routes.
  • This train is one of the five most expensive trains in SCR. The others are the Class 43, Class 220, Class 387 and the Class 802.
  • This train is the only train that requires experience to purchase.
    • Because of these reasons, the 68 is often considered a "pro train”.
  • When the ability to change routes at terminals was first introduced, it became possible to drive this train on all of the routes using this new function. The glitch was quickly patched, but many people took advantage of it and posted pictures of this train at Airport Central. This also resulted in some other trains operating the exclusive R009. R026 and R036 do not count as they did not exist at that time. After V1.6, Class 68 can now go to Airport Central.
  • This train has a unique Connect livery. A similar livery could be seen on the Class 458/0 and Class 158 before V1.6, however, they are not identical.
  • The Class 68 once had the lowest class number in the game, however, this changed when the Class 43 was released in Version 1.4, and later changed again when the Class 08 was introduced, although it is not driveable.
  • The Class 68 is one of the three trains, alongside the Class 801 and Class 730, in all of SCR to not have a yellow front end.
  • Before this train got upgraded to Next Generation, it wasn't able to do R004.
  • This train and the Class 43 are the only trains in the game to have door slam closing sounds, separate locomotives and Mk3 coaches.
  • The two Class 68 locomotives have the same unit number for both locomotives, despite being different units. This is likely a coding limitation. This also applies to the double Class 185 units running on AirLink, the Class 43, and the Class 165/1.
  • A Class 68 locomotive is seen at Faymere Green TMD, in addition to three Connect Mk3 coaches like the ones that make up this train.
  • This train's livery was changed when it was upgraded to Next Generation.
    • The livery appears to be based off the one TransPennine Express uses in real life for their 'Nova 3' locomotives.
  • Instead of stopping at 3 car Stop Markers you need to stop at the 5 car ones because of the two locomotives. (3 coaches + 2 locos)
  • The Class 68 is operated by Direct Rail Services (freight), Chiltern Railways, TransPennine Express and formerly Abellio ScotRail.
  • The Mk3 coaches will be getting a new livery, but the locomotives will not get a new livery.
  • This is the only Stepford Connect train to have single leaf doors.
  • This train is in the preview of Mattyx2013, presenting the new landscapes of Coxly and the new signs of the station. It happens to be on a siding and not at the station.
  • You will not lose Experience getting this train, as Experience cannot be spent.
  • The locomotives are the only train/part that didn't get the new livery, as the carriages did. This is intentional, as the loco has the SCR livery instead of the standard Stepford Connect livery.
  • This train, alongside with the Class 43, are the only trains have no destination boards that shows the terminus station.
  • Since V1.6, the Class 68 is able to terminate at Berrily, Airport Central and Stepford UFC and is able to stop at New Harrow, Elsemere Pond, Airport Parkway and Airport Central.


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