The Class 508 PEP is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by BREL, in use on WaterLine. These trains are formed of 3 coaches, and cost 2000 points.


  • Having entered service in real life 1979, this is the oldest train in the game. However, this will change upon the Class 43's entry to service, having been introduced in 1975. 
  • When introduced, this was the only train to have automatic pocket doors. The 319 and 321 are receiving it in the future while the 707 and 802 has it right now. 
  • These trains are the only ones in the game without a door opening chime. 
  • This train's horn cuts off. (as you can hear.) 
  • This train horn is unique, as no other trains have the same horn. 
  • This is the slowest train in all of Stepford County Railway, with a max speed of 75 MPH along with Class 465 and Class 458/5 
  • In real life, these trains currently are operated by Merseyrail and were formerly operated by British Rail Southern Region, Southeastern and Silverlink. 
  • The Class 508 has the same motor as the Class 319 and the Class 321 on Connect. 
  • These trains are similar to the Class 313, 314 and 315, none of which operate in SCR at this time. 
  • The 508 has a twin class, the Class 507, also operated by Merseyrail - the main difference is that the 507 units have always been 3-car trains, whilst the 508 units were built as 4-car trains, until they were transferred to Merseyrail. 
  • Some point between its release and version 1.3.24, the price of the train was bumped from 1500 to 2000 points. 


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