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The British Rail Class 508 is a type of electric multiple-unit train built by BREL, as part of their PEP family. These trains are currently in use on Waterline and cost 2,000 points.


Doors closing


  • This train is unusual for lacking a door opening chime, and players are often confused by its unique horn.
  • This train shares a record with the Class 458/5, Class 143 and Class 465 for the slowest train in SCR. 
  • This was the first train with Next Generation V1 doors and interiors in service with Waterline and also one of the first NG trains in general, along with the Class 158
  • This train, alongside the Class 319, was the only train in service with Waterline to not be refurbished on the day of the May 2020 franchise renewal.
  • This train has the slowest closing doors in SCR, where the door chimes finish sounding before the doors are fully closed.
  • This is one of the three trains to feature a dedicated emergency exit, the other two being the Class 319 and Class 717.