The Class 458 Juniper is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Alstom, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 4 (458/0) or 5 (458/5) coaches, and cost 1500 points.

On August 1st, 2019, on the Discord server by yrrebRBLX, as well as a sneak peek on his Twitter (yrreb_xela), it was revealed how the 458/0 would look like. The train was released on the 14/8/19.

On August 6th, the train was made next generation, and showed off with the released Class 458/5 in the SCR Discord's #sneak-peeks channel.

On August 14th, the 458/0 was released as part of Patch 22 with a server reboot at 23:00 BST. Those who have bought the /5 variant, get the /0 variant unlocked with no extra cost.


  • Product Developer yrrebRBLX developed a higher quality interior for the 458/5, but it was deemed too laggy and brought down to a standard interior.
  • These are the first Juniper units in SCR.
  • In real life, the 458s are operated by South Western Railway, but they are due to be replaced by the Class 701s.
  • In real life, the 458/0's Southern Region code is 4-JOP, and the 458/5's is 5-JUP.
  • In V1.3.18, the 458/5 was displayed at Bodin TrainCare along with Class 707 and Class 360, but it was released later than them.
  • The 458/5 has the lowest max speed in the game, like the Class 465 and the Class 508. In addition it's the slowest 5 car train in SCR 
  • The Class 458/5 is more frequently run than the Class 465. This train has much better structures, better decals, and sounds than the Class 465.
  • The Houghton Foundry model for both the 458/5 and 458/0 was created specifically for this game.
  • They have the same sound but different in model.
  • The 458/0, along with the Class 158, sports the new Connect livery, while the 458/5 continues using the original.
  • This is the first class in SCR to where different variants of the train have different maximum speeds.


  • Even though the driver drives the Class 458/0 and comes to a perfect stop at a station without overshooting, 4 points will be received instead of 5.


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