The Class 458 Juniper is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Alstom, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 4 (458/0) or 5 (458/5) coaches, and cost 1500 points.

On 1 August 2019, on the Discord server by yrrebRBLX, as well as a sneak peek on his Twitter (yrreb_xela), it was revealed how the 458/0 would look like. The train was released on 14/8/19.

On 6 August 2019, the train was made next generation, and showed off with the released Class 458/5 in the SCR Discord's #sneak-peeks channel.

On 14 August 2019, the 458/0 was released as part of Patch 22 with a server reboot at 23:00 BST. Those who have bought the /5 variant get the /0 variant unlocked with no extra cost.


  • Product Developer yrrebRBLX developed a higher quality interior for the 458/5, but it was deemed too laggy and brought down to a standard interior.
  • Some of the motor and door sounds are incorrect.
  • These are the first Juniper units in SCR.
  • In real life, the 458s are operated by South Western Railway, but they are due to be replaced by the Class 701s.
  • In real life, the 458/0's Southern Region code is 4-JOP, and the 458/5's is 5-JUP.
  • In V1.3.18, the 458/5 was displayed at Bodin TrainCare along with Class 707 and Class 360, but it was released later than them.
  • The 458/5 has the lowest max speed in the game, along with the Class 465 and the Class 508. In addition, it is the slowest 5 car train in SCR.
  • The Class 458/5 is more frequently run than the Class 465. This train has much better structures, better decals, and sounds than the Class 465.
  • The Houghton Foundry model for both the 458/5 and 458/0 was created specifically for this game.
  • Both variants have the same sound but are different in model.
  • In the old livery of the Class 458/0's livery is similar to the Class 158's in that the ends are colored blue, however they are not identical.
  • This is the first class in SCR where the different variants of the train have different maximum speeds.
  • This train is known to some players as the "cat train" or the "meow train" (similar to the Class 332 and 333 being known as Fishbowls) because the door opening chime sounds like a cat.


  • When driving the Class 458/0, even though stopping perfectly and not overshooting, the driver would only get 4 points and not 5. This bug was fixed in V1.4.6.


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