The Class 43 (also known as the HST) is the first Stepford Express train. It was revealed on October 18, 2019; alongside Llyn-by-the-Sea.


  • This will be the oldest train in the game having entered service in 1975.
  • This will be the lowest numbered train in the game; and will beat the previous lowest numbered train, the Class 68.
  • In real life, some of these trains were put out of service after 43 years.
  • The Class 43 will have the same unit number for both locomotives, despite being different units. This is likely a coding limitation.
  • The Class 43 in SCR has 4 coaches and 2 locomotives, which also exists in real life, these are the ScotRail and GWR short HST sets, also known as the Pocket Rocket sets.
  • This train will be the second locomotive hauled train, the first being the aforementioned Class 68.
  • This was the train hiding at Starryloch.
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