The Class 43 InterCity 125 is a diesel locomotive manufactured by BREL, in use on Stepford Express. Two of these locomotives top-and-tailing four Mark 3 coaches can be purchased for 3000 points. When the train first came out it was only 2400 points and that was until 26 December 2019.


  • These are the oldest trains in the SCR, having entered service in 1975 in real life.
    • In real life, some of these trains are being removed from service after more than 40 years in service, being replaced by Hitachi A-Train units, such as the Class 801 and Class 802.
  • This is the second diesel locomotive and also the second locomotive-hauled unit, alongside the Class 68.
  • This is the lowest class numbered train in the entire game.
  • The two Class 43 locomotives have the same unit number for both locomotives, despite being different units. This is likely a coding limitation. This also applies to the double Class 185 units running on AirLink.
  • The Class 43 in SCR has 4 coaches and 2 locomotives, a configuration which also exists in real life, these are the ScotRail, Network Rail and GWR short HST sets, also known as the Pocket Rocket sets.
  • This train is one of the two longest trains in SCR (if you count the locomotives on both sides), the other train being the AirLink double Class 185 unit.
  • This train is one of the most expensive trains in SCR. The others are the Class 387, Class 802, and Class 68.
  • This train is one of the two fastest trains in SCR, along with the Class 801.
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