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The Class 43 (HST), also known as the InterCity 125, is a diesel-electric locomotive manufactured by BREL, in use on Stepford Express. Two of these locomotives (also referred to as powercars) top-and-tailing four Mark 3 coaches can be purchased for 3,000 points, while the variant with 5 Mark 3s and the variant with powercars with buffers each cost an addition 800 points. When this train first came out, it was priced at only 2,400 points until 26 December 2019.

This train consists of 1 Class 43 diesel locomotive, 1 first class Mark 3 car, 1 restaurant car, 2 or 3 standard class cars and another Class 43 diesel locomotive in the back.

This train has been remodeled in Version 1.7.2 and currently has 3 variants: Standard, 5-car (the first 7 car Stepford Express train), and Buffer.


Doors closing

Train Formation

4 Car/Buffer

Carriage Abbreviation Quantity
Class 43 locomotive C43 2
Mark 3 First Mk3F 1
Mark 3 Standard with


Mk3S(B) 1
Mark 3 Standard (Express) Mk3S(EX) 2

5 Car

Carriage Abbreviation Quantity
Class 43 locomotive C43 2
Mark 3 First Mk3F 1
Mark 3 Standard with


Mk3S(B) 1
Mark 3 Standard (Express) Mk3S(EX) 3


  • This is the oldest passenger train in SCR, as the real train that it is based from entered its service in 1976.
    • Technically, if all rolling stock in SCR are considered, the Class 08 should be the oldest (entering service in 1953). However, they are not for passenger service, and cannot be driven by players.
  • This train is also known as the InterCity 125 as it can reach speeds of 125 MPH in normal operation.
    • The absolute maximum speed of the Class 43 is actually 148 MPH, and if this setting was adopted in-game, it would become the fastest train in SCR alone. However, same as reality, their operational maximum speed in-game was limited to 125 MPH due to various restrictions.
  • This is the second diesel locomotive and also the second locomotive-hauled unit, alongside the Class 68.
  • This was the lowest class numbered train in the entire game before the Class 08 was introduced, although the Class 08 is for scenery only.
  • Before V1.7.2, this train was sometimes criticized for being very expensive for what the player receives compared to trains like the Class 801. The lower detail level in some places (such as about 3/4 of the locos being completely empty) meant many wanted it to be upgraded.
  • The two Class 43 locomotives have the same unit number for both locomotives, despite being different units. This is likely a coding limitation. This also applies to the Class 68, Class 143 (Double), Class 165/1, Class 185 (Double) and Class 195/2.
  • The main Class 43 variant in SCR has 4 coaches and 2 locomotives (or a 2+4 HST set), a configuration which also exists in real life, these are the ScotRail, Network Rail and GWR short HST sets, also known as the Pocket Rocket, Castle Class, Class 255 or HSTGTi sets.
  • Prior to V1.7.2, this train was one of the two longest trains in SCR (if both locomotives are counted), the other train being the AirLink double Class 185 unit.
    • However, after this aforementioned update, the 5 car variant of the Class 43 has been added, making it the longest train in SCR, with 7 coaches.
  • The sounds for the train used in SCR have been recorded from a Paxman Valenta engine. However, in the late 1990s, some units were re-engined with Paxman VP185 and the remainder were retrofitted with MTU V16 4000 R41R engines between 2005 and 2010. There is only one HST powercar currently equipped with a Paxman Valenta engine; this is a prototype unit restored with the original engine reinstalled.
  • This train is one of the most expensive trains in SCR. It is tied with the Class 68, Class 387 and the Class 802, at 3000 points.
    • If variants are included (1600 points altogether), this train overall is the most expensive train in SCR, totalling 4600 points.
  • This train is one of the five fastest trains in SCR, along with the Class 220, Class 221, Class 801 and the Class 802, at 125 MPH.
  • Despite the fact that the 4 car variant of this train has 1 more car than the Class 801, both trains are around the same in length.
  • 2 Class 43 locomotives can be seen back to back at Faymere Green TMD.
  • This is the only Stepford Express train that has locomotives.
  • Three Mk3 Coaches in Stepford Express livery can be seen at Faymere Green TMD, coupled to three Mk3 Coaches in Stepford Connect livery.
  • This train, along with the Class 68, are the only trains in to have Mk3 coaches and locomotives and to have a bar in one of their coaches.
  • This train, alongside with the Class 68, were the only trains to feature no destination boards that show the terminus station anywhere on the train.
    • However, the Class 43 has working PIS boards inside the cabin which the Class 68 does not, even though both trains have the same coach class.
    • As of V1.7.2, the Class 68 is the only train to hold this trait entirely, as the HST was remodelled in said update, which added monochrome destination signs on the sides of the trains.
    • As of V1.8.1, the Class 143 also does not have PIS boards inside the cabin.
  • This train is the only train in SCR to have a buffer variant.
  • The HST is one of three trains to have full-colour PISes. The other two are the Class 195 and the Class 331.
  • This train, along with the Class 720 and the Class 730, are the only trains to have their own unique stop markers. The stop markers for the HST can be found at Newry, Benton, Leighton City, Westercoast and Westwyvern. These markers are coloured in  Stepford Express pink , and there are three variants: one for 4+2 car trains (standard and buffer variants), one for 5+2 car trains (5-car variant), and one for both types of HSTs, which is only shown at Newry platforms 2 and 3 (In the direction of Newry Harbour)
  • This is the only train where the player has to pay for its variants on the same operator.
  • This is the only train to not be called after their TOPS classification in SCR.
  • The 5 car variant of this train is the 2nd 7-car train ever in SCR, with the first being Class 345. However, the latter had never been officially released to players in-game.
  • The 5 car variant of this train can only run on 6 out of the 12 Stepford Express routes, namely R076, R078, R081, R083, R084 and R085. This is due to the fact that the train cannot fit onto the platforms at most stations because of the length.
    • Prior to V1.8, although the 5-car variant is able to drive R076, the driver needed to stop very close to the buffer or else the doors could not be opened and the route could not be completed. This was due to the limited length of Platform 1 at Leighton Stepford Road.
  • If a player looks inside the locomotives, the walls on the inside are transparent and the player can see the exterior surroundings, unlike the Class 68, where it is enclosed.
  • The 5-car variant is the longest train operating in SCR, if the two locomotives are counted as one car each.
  • When the NGv3 version of this train was released, the floors inside were "slippery" meaning that the player cannot stand firmly inside the train. This could have been potentially annoying for Guards because it was somewhat difficult to get out of the local door. This was fixed in a later update.
  • An image of this train terminating at Newry Harbour was posted on the SCR Twitter on 1 April 2022. Most community members thought it was only meant to be an April Fool's Day joke at first, not knowing that it was actually a hint regarding the extension to Newry Zone of Stepford Express in the V1.9 update until more related sneak peeks appeared later.
  • Due to the Roblox Audio Privacy Update on 22 March 2022, some sound effects of Class 43 (HST) cannot be played, which made the sound less realistic overall.
    • This issue was fixed later in V1.9.6, and the train sounds went back to normal