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The British Rail Class 387 Electrostar is a type of dual-voltage electric multiple-unit train built by Bombardier, in use on AirLink, and formerly on Stepford Connect and Waterline. These trains are formed of 4 coaches and cost 3,000 points.


Doors opening
Doors closing


  • This is the only train to have moved operators in the history of SCR. Initially in use with Stepford Connect during December 2017, they were then moved to Waterline. Later, in June 2019, they were moved to AirLink and given Next Generation upgrades.
  • This is the 2nd fastest train in SCR (alongside the Class 350 and Class 730/1) as well as the fastest Electrostar in SCR, at 110 MPH.
  • 387 249 appears in the poster for the SCR BoostClub.
  • Prior to the commencement of Stepford Express services, these trains shared a record with the Class 350, Class 730/1 and the Class 802 for the fastest train in SCR, at 110 MPH.
    • This train also shared the top speed of the Class 802 before it was upgraded to 125 MPH.
  • This train is one of the four most expensive trains in SCR. The others are the Class 43, Class 68, and the Class 802 at 3,000 points.
  • This is the only train in use with AirLink that can be powered via third rail.
  • The Class 387 is the only train on AirLink to have cab end gangways.
  • This train, along with the other Electrostars (other than the Class 357), have been upgraded by Product Developer OverheadWires.
    • The upgraded Class 387 has the second rebrand version AirLink livery, same as that of Class 802.
  • There was a bug that showed this train as a green, transparent block instead of the actual model in the train selection menu, this was fixed.
  • There is a Class 387 parked up at Whitefield Siding, in the Stepford Connect livery. However, at the rear end, it says it's a Class 377. At Benton TMD another unit can be found, which only has the 387 TOPS number at the rear of train.
  • At Stepford Depot, there is a double Class 387 (formed of 8 coaches) parked in one of the AirLink lanes, this makes the aforementioned unit the longest undriveable train.
    • The upgrade of Stepford East in V1.9.2 added 6-8 car stop markers, hinting at the possible release of a double Class 387.
  • Strangely, this train received another remodel in V1.9.2 despite already being a NGv3 train, along with its sister trains.
  • With the latest upgrade of the train, a bug appeared allowing players to sit anywhere in the train, including tables, corridors and luggage racks. It is assumed that this is caused by an outdated seating layout[1]
  • After the remodel in V1.9.2, the first class coach of this train switched ends, and is now located at the front when spawned instead of the rear.
    • However, the platform announcement system was not updated correspondingly, hence when the first class location is announced for this train, the wrong end of the train will be stated. This is still yet to be patched.