The Class 387 Electrostar is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Bombardier, in use on Airlink. These trains are formed of 4 coaches and cost 2250 points (3000 normally). This train has been on all operators except Stepford Express.




  • This is the only train to have moved operators in the history of SCR. They were initially Stepford Connect trains, but in December 2017, they were then replaced by Class 377's on Connect. They were later brought back into service on Waterline. Then, they moved to Airlink and replaced the Class 379, due to their top speed being more useful to that operator. During this final switch, these trains were upgraded to Next Generation, along with the Class 377 and Class 379. This is also the only train which has been on all operators, except Express, in SCR history.
  • Prior to Version 1.0, when this train ran on Waterline, it could not go to Newry Harbour because the line had not been “electrified” as stated by the developers. However, it seems that now the line has been electrified, EMUs, including the Class 379 can now run services to the harbor and back.
  • 387249 appears in the poster for the SCR BoostClub.
  • This train had the highest max speed out of all the trains in SCR, the same as the Class 802, and Class 350 at 110 MPH, however, this record was beaten by the Class 43, Class 220, Class 221 and Class 801 at 125 MPH.
  • These trains, as Waterline stock, were refurbished with a new door chime, a direction indicator, and a darker blue color in V1.1, however, this was not shown in sneak peeks.
  • The Waterline version of this train has been replaced by Class 379, which has a top speed more appropriate for Waterline at 100 mph.
  • This train is one of the four most expensive trains in SCR. The others are the Class 68, Class 43, and the Class 802.
  • This is the only train on Airlink that can be powered via the third rail. The other being the Class 458Class 377Class 707, and Class 465 on Stepford Connect and the Class 319 and Class 508 on Waterline.
  • This train is most often used on the Express Airlink routes R051, R052, R056, and R057.
  • The train liveries are based on 387/2.
  • In real life, this train operates on the Heathrow Express, a non-stop service from London Heathrow Airport to London Paddington. These trains are replacing the Class 332s on the Heathrow Express.
  • In real life, they are also operating for Great Western Railway, Gatwick Express, c2c, and Great Northern and formerly operated for Thameslink.
  • This train and Class 357 were the first Electrostar trains to be in the game (It was a Connect train at that time).
  • These trains are similar to the Class 377s and Class 379s.


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