The Class 377 Electrostar trains are used for Stepford Connect services. These trains are 4 cars in length, with a max speed of 100 MPH. This train costs 1500 points to unlock.


  • In real life, two companies in Britain use the Class 377, Southeastern and GTR Southern and Thameslink (Formerly)
  • This train replaced the Class 387 which was re-implemented on WaterLine before being transferred to AirLink.
  • In the real world, the family of Electrostars include the Class 379 (which is a new addition to Waterline), the Class 387 and the Class 357 (despite its front sharing a similar design to the Class 170 and 171 Turbostar).
  • Also in the real world, the Class 377 has seven variations; the /1, /2 (the variation used in SCR), /4 and /5 units have 4 carriages, the /3 units have 3 and the /6 and /7 have 5.
  • This train has been upgraded to Next Generation.


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