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{{Train|title1 = Class 365|image1 = Class365.png|caption1 = |cost = 1500|speed = 100 MPH|number_of_coaches = 4|family = [[:Category:Networker|Networker]] |operated_by = [[Stepford Connect]]|depot(s) = [[Stepford Depot]]
{{Train|title1 = Class 365|image1 = Class365.png|caption1 = |cost = Unknown|speed = 100 MPH|number_of_coaches = 4|family = [[:Category:Networker|Networker]] |operated_by = [[Stepford Connect]] (Proposed)|depot(s) = None}}
[[Whitefield Lido Siding]]
[[Woodhead Lane Southbound Depot]]
[[Woodhead Lane Northbound Depot]]
[[Coxly Depot]]
[[Benton Depot]]
[[Leighton Depot]]
[[Edgemead Siding]]}}
== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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The Class 365 Networker Express is an electric-multiple unit manufactured by ABB, proposed for use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of four coaches, and their price is unconfirmed.


  • It is unlikely this train will actually enter service in SCR. Mattyx2013, the Operations Director, said there was no point in releasing them with the ongoing Next Generation project.
  • The bogies seen in the picture for this train are not standard SCR bogies. They are Haughton Foundry bogies.
  • This train is known in real life as the "Happy Train" due to its grin-like intake on the front.
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