The Class 360 Desiro is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Siemens, in use on AirLink. These trains are formed of 4 (360/1) or 5 (360/2) coaches, and cost 1125 points (1500 normally).


  • These trains are mechanically similar to the Class 350s, but without a front gangway as there were issues with sighting with the gangway design noted by the Health and Safety Executive.
  • The max speed of these trains may increase from 100 MPH to 110 MPH, as this change is occurring in real life. If so, these trains would be even more similar to the Class 350. This would make it the third Airlink train to have a 110 MPH max speed, after the Class 802 and Class 387.
  • The Next Generation Class 360/1 has the same horn and door chime as Class 185 trains, but Class 360/2 takes those from the Class 350 trains, their idles are still the same. The legacy Class 360 (both variants) have similar horn and door chime as Class 350.
  • If you buy this train, you get for free the /2 variant of this train alongside with the Class 158, Class 185, Class 380, Class 332, Class 331, and the Class 755.


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