The British Rail Class 360 is a type of electric multiple-unit train built by Siemens, as part of their Desiro family. The trains are currently in use with AirLink.


  • SCR's model for this train has been criticized for its lack of curvature.
  • The design of the Class 360 is similar to the Class 350's design, with the biggest difference being the lack of a front gangway as ordered by the Health and Safety Executive.
  • In real life, this train is currently in use with Greater Anglia. They were also used by the now defunct Heathrow Connect.
  • In real life, along with their transfer to East Midlands Railway, the Class 360/1 has been upgraded to 110mph. It is unknown whether this change will be reflected in game.
  • The Class 360/1 and Class 360/2 have different horns and door opening chimes in game, however not in real life.
  • This train shares its horn sound with the Class 350 and Class 707 in SCR (only with the Class 360/2) but not in real life.
  • In Version 1.7.1 the Class 360/1 and Class 360/2 along with the Class 185 (AL) have had their livery changed to the new AirLink logo.


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