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The British Rail Class 360 is a type of electric multiple-unit train built by Siemens, as part of their Desiro family. The trains are currently in use with AirLink.


Doors opening
Doors closing
Horn (360/1)
Horn (360/2)


  • SCR's model for this train has been criticized for its lack of curvature.
  • The design of the Class 360 is similar to the Class 350's design, where the only difference is that the Class 350 has a front-end gangway.
  • In real life, the maximum speed of the 360/1 has been increased to 110 MPH. It is unknown whether this change will be reflected in game.
  • Interestingly, this train is the only train whose cab destination cluster isn't written in Highway Gothic, but rather in a different font.
    • Its side destination boards are still in Highway Gothic like other trains, however.
    • The same applies to the Class 331 and Class 195, although both are in an entirely different font compared to the Class 360 and the side destination boards are also in the different font.
  • The Class 360/1 and Class 360/2 have different horns in game, but not in real life.
  • The Class 360/2 shares its horn sound with the Class 350 and Class 380 in SCR but not in real life.
  • In Version 1.7.1, the Class 360 along with the Class 185 (AL) have had their livery changed to the new AirLink livery.
  • Prior to Version 1.8.1, the Class 360/1 and Class 360/2 both had different door chimes. The Class 360/1 had the exact same chimes that the Class 185 did at the time, while the Class 360/2 had the same chimes as the Class 350. After the sound update in Version 1.8.1, both variants have the same door chimes but still have differing horns.
  • On 3 July 2022, Charlie_RBX released a sneak peek containing a Mesh Model version of this train at an unknown station.