The Class 357 Electrostar is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Adtranz who merged to become Bombardier, currently in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of four coaches and do not cost any points as it is the starter train for all players.


  • The Class 357 is the most common train you can catch in service among Stepford Connect services, since the train is given free to everyone when they first join Stepford County Railway.
    • This also causes it to be known as the "noob train", a title previously given to the retired Class 700
  • Since it is the free train, the Class 357 is usually run on the free route, R005 (Stepford Victoria - Stepford Airport Central), though it is occasionally found on other routes as players gain points and experience to unlock other routes. This train is also often seen at Port Benton, another popular starter station.
  • Before The Big Update this train was not free.
  • These trains appear very similar to the Class 170s and Class 171s, however, they are diesel Turbostars.
  • Only 1 train operator, c2c, uses these in real life.
  • This train and Class 387 were the first Electrostar trains to be in the game.
  • These trains have the more common 2+2 seating in SCR, while they have 3+2 seating real life.
  • The liveries are based off 357/0 and 357/2.


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