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The British Rail Class 357 Electrostar is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Adtranz who merged to become Bombardier, currently in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of four coaches and do not cost any points as it is the starter train for all players.

As part of V1.7.3 on 02/04/21, this train was upgraded to NGv3 by PDV MrTransportGuy.


Doors opening
Doors closing


  • The Class 357 is likely the most common train players can see in service in the game, since the train is given free to everyone when they first join Stepford County Railway. However, players can also make a point for the Class 707 being more popular.
    • This also causes it to be known as the "noob train", a title previously given to the retired Class 700, since this train is mainly driven by new drivers. This image also makes the Class 357 less favoured by experienced players.
    • Players can commonly find this train near Stepford Victoria due to its being the train for new players who often drive R005 and R045, which those routes terminate there, and is the nearest terminal from Beechley Sidings, which is also commonly chosen by new players.
  • Since it is the free train, the Class 357 is usually run on the two free routes, R005 (Stepford Victoria <> Stepford Airport Central) and R045 (Stepford Victoria <> Leighton City). This train is also often seen at routes terminating at Port Benton, another popular starter station. Still, it is occasionally found on other routes as players gain points and experience to unlock other routes. It was formally seen frequently on R009 until V1.8.2 when R045 replaced its status as a free route.
  • Before The Big Update when the Class 700 was in service, this train was not free.
  • These trains appear very similar to the Class 170s and Class 171s, however, they are a part of the diesel Turbostar family.
  • This train and Class 387 were the first Electrostar trains to be in the game.
  • Before Version 1.7.3, these trains were numbered 3570XX in SCR although they had 2+2 seating configurations like the 357/3 instead of the 3+2 found in the 357/0 and /2.
    • In V1.7.3, the Class 357s have been renumbered 3573XX to reflect their seating configuration. Because of this, there is a chance of 1% that one of the units can be numbered 357357.
  • On 28/03/21, Managing Director Charlie_RBX sneak peeked the NGv3 build of this train built by PDV MrTransportGuy.
    • Instagram-exclusive sneak peek of the NGv3 interior

      The interior was later sneak peeked exclusively on SCR's Instagram account on 31/03/21.
  • The NGv3 build of the train does not have side destination boards that were found on the previous NGv1 version.
  • This is the first NGv3 train to feature a functional cab door.