The Class 350 Desiro is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Siemens, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 4 coaches, and cost 1500 points.


  • These trains were less frequently run after the Class 380s were put into service. When V1.1 was released, these trains were refurbished, giving them more life, but slowly died out again in favor of other trains. However, upon upgrade to Next Generation, they became much more frequent and remain to be.
  • This train, the Class 360, and the Class 185 are the only trains to have a destination sign with green lettering.
  • This is the fastest Connect train in the game.
  • This train's max speed was secretly bumped to 110 MPH when it received the Next Generation upgrade. This train can only reach the max speed without breaking the speed limit on the line section between Leighton City and Edgemead (125 MPH) & some parts of the Llyn-by-the-Sea extension.
  • It has the second highest maximum speed of all trains, tied with the Class 387 and Class 802 at 110 MPH.
  • This is also the cheapest train to go 110 MPH.
  • There is a chance that one of the units can be numbered 350350.
  • The Class 350s are the only trains with the special Connect Trainbow livery, in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Many people appreciate this. A lot of people say not to call this the Gay Train, Pride Train or LGBTQ+ train, and to call it the Class 350 or Rainbow Train.


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