There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.



The Class 345 Aventra trains were used for testing on Airlink. These trains were 7 cars in length, with a maximum speed of 90 MPH. These trains were never put into regular service, and they were withdrawn from testing without any further announcements regarding these units.


  • This train went on a series of test runs from September 12-15, 2018. The tests were a success, but it is unknown why it was never released. A possible reason is that a 7 car train might have been too laggy and a speed of 90 MPH would have been too slow for the Airlink line. Since the change of chassis and the release of Next Generation trains, this train would have to go through a major overhaul before going into service and would also be quite laggy.
  • The train was first revealed in the SCR Discord in #announcements. The photo in the sneak peek is shown on the right.
  • If it had been released, this train would have been the longest train in the game, with a total of 7 coaches.
  • The car markers at Stepford East go beyond 6 coaches, possibly to accommodate these trains.
  • These trains are the only trains with three doors on one side of a coach.
  • In real life, these trains are operated on TfL Rail, a precursor to Crossrail.
  • This was the first and only train in SCR train that was only used for testing but never released.
  • If this train was put in service, it would have been the slowest Airlink train, even though it would have been the longest.
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