Class 333 is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by Siemens and CAF, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 4 coaches and cost 1500 points.


  • This train has been around for a very long time, being added around a week after the opening of SCR and has only had bogie replacements and upgraded headlights since. In V1.4.3 it got an upgrade to Next Generation along with the Class 332.
  • These trains were quite rarely seen when they were Previous Generation trains, as most drivers disliked them.
  • This train is similar to the Class 332, which operates on Airlink and has been surprisingly more successful.
  • Before The Big Update, these trains had no seats at all which was upsetting to passengers.
  • This was the first CAF train to be added to SCR.
  • This train and Class 332 are nicknamed Fishbowls by the community because of their round head design.
  • In real life, these trains are operated by Northern Trains.
  • This train was sneak peeked by Mattyx2013 on his twitter with the new livery and new seats.


  • In its early days as a Next Generation train, the door animation wasn’t made to suit the 333’s enormously wide doors, and as a result, the doors didn’t fully open. The same happened with the Class 332.
  • When V1.6 was released, there was a glitch where only one of the front lights would illuminate. This was quickly patched 2 days after the release.


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