Stepford County Railway Wiki



The Class 332 trains are used for AirLink services. These trains are 4 or 5 cars in length, with a max speed of 100 MPH. This fleet costs 1500 points. This fleet was added into service just before the Stepford Airport Terminals stations were opened.


  • If you buy the 4-car variant of this train, you also get the 5-car variant, similar to the buying system of the AirLink variant of the Class 185Class 158Class 331, Class 360, Class 755 and the Class 380.
  • This train was highly requested by the community, and it is sometimes considered that this was the first train to be added based on public votes.
  • In real life, this train operates on the Heathrow Express, a non-stop service from London Heathrow Airport to London Paddington. These trains are going to be replaced by the Class 387s on the Heathrow Express.
  • This is sometimes considered the 2 Million Visits train but officially isn't.
  • This is also the first train to be added in 2019.
  • This train is also sisters with the Class 333 Connect.
  • The livery is outdated due to the fact that the livery was adjusted to orange rather than yellow. However by the time Airlink introduced a new logo, the old Airlink logo was simply changed to the new one.
  • This is the last legacy/paper train for AirLink.
  • Some People like to drive the train on the SC <> AC Stopper route.