The British Rail Class 332 is a type of electric multiple-unit train built by CAF and Siemens. The trains are currently in use on Airlink.


  • This train was Airlink's first rolling stock addition in 2019, as well as the first train upgraded directly to NGv2 from a paper train. It is also considered the first addition to SCR based purely on player requests.
  • Despite not sharing a train family, this train is the sibling of the Class 333. They are both known as the Fishbowl due to their round fronts.
  • In real life, these trains have always been in use with Heathrow Express, but they will soon be scrapped and replaced with the Class 387.
  • This train was the last train on Airlink to be upgraded to Next Generation.


  • Like the Class 333, when this train was first upgraded to NG, the door animations couldn't suit the wide doors, and the doors didn't fully open.


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