The Class 331 Civity is an electric multiple-unit (EMU) manufactured by CAF, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 3 (331/0) or 4 (331/1) coaches and cost 1125 points (1500 normally). The /1 variant carries the pride livery since Version 1.6.


Class 331 in the sneak peek of the updated Whitefield.

  • The Class 331 is the first of the Civity trains in service in SCR.
  • This class looks identical in design to the Class 195 on Waterline, however, the Class 195 is a diesel multiple-unit (DMU) and has 2 or 3 coaches.
  • This train was the last "paper train" to be added to the game, in which all trains introduced afterwards are all Next Generation trains.
  • This train was added in celebration of three million visits to SCR, and as such, the 331/0 units had a special livery to commemorate it. This was similar to the Class 730's livery prior to V1.5, which celebrated one million visits, the Class 755/3's livery, which celebrates five million visits, and the Class 221's livery, which celebrates ten million visits.
    • Like the Class 730, the 331/0 had its special 3 million visits livery removed and replaced with the standard livery in V1.6.
  • Many players agree that this train was rushed when it was released as a paper train, which would explain the somewhat poor texturing. The fact that this train was rushed meant that something big was coming to the game, as BanTech stated that "exciting updates were coming" to SCR. The Class 158 Next Generation train was soon revealed to be this "exciting update."
  • The NG model of the Class 331 was originally made by current Product Developer OverheadWires, as seen in a showcase of trains he had made for SCR before he resigned (OverheadWires has since rejoined). However, the model seen in the sneak peek seems to be made by Mattyx2013.
  • Before this train got the NG update, the door chimes were similar to the Class 707. The door chimes are now similar to the Class 195, Class 720, Class 730, and Class 755.
  • Along with the Class 195, the cab of the Class 331 is said to be one of the best cabs in the game, rivaling the Class 707 and Class 801/802.
  • Before the Class 331/0's Next Generation upgrade, it had grey doors, it then had turquoise doors, then in Version 1.6 both of the Class 331 variants were given the standard Stepford Connect door livery (white doors at the very front and very back of the train, and black doors in the middle).
  • In real life, these trains, along with the Class 195 (and other Civity trains), have destination boards on the side of the train, but they haven’t been added in SCR yet.
  • In real life, these trains are operated by Northern Trains. Northern plan to replace their Class 319/4s with the Class 769 and the Class 331.
  • This train, the Class 195, the Class 220 and the Class 221 are the only trains in SCR to have the SCR logo on the front of the train. The SCR Logo was added when this train was upgraded to Next Generation.
  • Even after this train got its NG upgrade, you can still see parts of the rushed texturing on both variants. When this train gets upgraded to Next Generation V3, the rushed parts of it will probably be fixed. You can also see this on the Class 195.
  • The Class 331 in SCR does not sound like the real-life Class 331.

Class 331 in the sneak peek of Beechley.

  • The Class 331/1 replaced the Class 350 as having the Trainbow livery, also known as the "Pride Train Livery" in Version 1.6. The right shows a Class 68 and 331/1 at Beechley.
  • The variant that had the special livery switched from the 3-car Class 331/0 to the 4-car Class 331/1 in V1.6.


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