The Class 331 Civity is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by CAF, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 3 (331/0) or 4 (331/1) coaches, and cost 1500 points.


  • The Class 331 is the first of the Civity trains in service in SCR.
  • This class is almost identical to the Class 195 of WaterLine, however the class 195 is an diesel multiple-unit.
  • This train was the last "paper train" to be added to the game, in which all trains introduced afterwards are all Next Generation trains.
  • This train was added in celebration of 3 Million Visits to SCR, and as such the 331/0 units have a special livery to commemorate it. This is similar to the Class 730 livery, which celebrates one million, and the Class 755/3 livery, which celebrates five million.
  • Many players agree that this train was rushed when it was released as a paper train, which would explain the somewhat poor texturing. The fact that this train was rushed meant that something big was coming to the game, as BanTech stated that "exciting updates were coming" to SCR. The Class 158 Next Generation train was soon revealed to be this "exciting update."
  • The NG model of the Class 331 was originally made by former Product Developer, OverheadWires, as seen in a showcase of trains he had made for SCR before he resigned. However, the model seen in the sneak peek seems to be made by current Product Developer, Mattyx2013.
  • Before this train got NG update, the door chimes were similar to Class 707's. The door chimes are now similar to Class 720, Class 730, and Class 755.
  • Along with the Class 195, the cab of the Class 331 is said to have one of the best cabs in the game, rivaling the Class 707 and Class 801/802.


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