The Class 321 is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by BREL, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 4 coaches and cost 1125 points.


  • Up until July 2018, the Class 321 trains had been based on the Northern Railway livery - more like the Class 321/9. From this point it was retextured as Charlie_RBX didn't like the design and it was made to look like a Class 321/3 (Renatus 321301-321330)
  • The information boards in the train's interior are too big and are much slimmer and smaller in real life. They are also all in the wrong place.
  • This train is the second/third Next Generation train to have smooth curving on the sides. All other NG trains have had sharp curves. Some trains might get a redesign.
  • In real life, these trains will be replaced by the Class 720.
  • This class of train is nicknamed the "Dusty Bin". This name is derived from an animated character on the game show 3-2-1.
  • This train has the same motor sound as the Class 319 and the Class 508, both of which are operated by Waterline although it is ironic because the 321 has a completely different motor sound to the 319 and 508 in real life.
  • In the summer, it has been said by Charlie_RBX that he would like a sound update for the trains in general and it is unknown whether every sound on this train is changed.
  • In real life, these are operated by Greater Anglia who are set to retire them in 2021 due to their noncompliance with the PRM disability standards.
  • The Next Generation version of this train is based on the Greater Anglia "Renatus Project" livery on trains 321301-321330 in real life, with 321448 as a demonstrator.
  • This train is based off the Class 321/3 - Mattyx2013 said in an edited sneak peak that it was a Renatus unit but this was later edited out.
  • When this train got the new Stepford Connect livery, it looked less like the Greater Anglia livery by removing the stripes on the side but changing the the doors to a shade of grey is lighter than the one in real life.
  • This is the first Mark 3 based train.
  • The triangle on the front of the train is to indicate the First Class end of the train, and against common misconception, not to indicate a guard's panel (321s don't even have a guard panel) and not to indicate that it is a Renatus unit.
  • This train, along with the Class 319, were meant to be upgraded in Version 1.4, but according to BanTech, they couldn't fit, so they were added later in Version 1.4.1.
  • These trains are the oldest multiple-units on Connect, having been introduced in 1988 in real life.
  • If you pay attention, you will see that the Class 321 doors slightly bounce out and back in when they close, it is unknown if this is an intentional feature to reflect the force of the doors or if it is an issue.
  • Although these were the first 'smooth trains' to be made by the Product Developer Mattyx2013, the curvature is wrong and the shape of the train is inaccurate.
  • This train has now been refurbished with a new livery as of Version 1.6.
  • There is a 1% chance that one of the units will be numbered 321321.

Known Issues

  • Every sound that this train produces is currently incorrect, including the motor, doors and horn.
  • The Class 321 door open sound is currently 3 long high pitched chimes like the Class 319 whereas the Class 321 'Renatus' is similar to but not the same as the Class 707.
  • The cab destination cluster is placed too low and you shouldn't be able to see the through the top of it in the cab view.
  • The doors happen to glitch through the walls when open and may be fixed when converted into CSG.


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