The Class 319 is an electric multiple-unit manufactured by BREL, in use on Waterline. These trains are made up of 4 coaches, and cost 1688 points (2250 normally).


  • This is the sibling class to the Class 321.
  • These trains are rarely seen on the Waterline South and Suburban services as Morganstown Docks and Whitney Green cannot accommodate all four coaches and they can't be used at all on the Morganstown Shuttle.
  • This train and the Class 508 are the only trains in the game to have 3 cab windows, as well as also being the only Waterline trains left without the new livery.
  • This train has a White LED destination sign, as seen in the photo; but they are orange in real life.
    • Before getting upgraded to Next Generation they did have orange destination signs.
  • This train and the Class 321 were meant to be upgraded in Version 1.4, but according to BanTech they couldn't fit, so they were added later in Version 1.4.1.
  • In real life, this train operated by Northern Trains and West Midlands Trains and were formerly operated on Thameslink and Southern.
  • This is the last Waterline train that hasn't had a new livery sneak peeked yet.
  • Some of these units are being modified to Class 769s and Northern plan to replace all their Class 319s with Class 769s as well as Class 331s.
  • When this was a legacy train, it wasn’t too popular.
  • This train and the Class 755 are the only trains in SCR with a white destination sign.


NG Class 319.png
Class 319 @ Newry Harbour.png

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