The Class 220 Voyager is a diesel-electric multiple-unit manufactured by Bombardier Transportation, in use on Stepford Express.

In real life, the Class 220 entered service in 2001, and were operated by Virgin Trains West Coast, and were meant to replace the aging Class 47 hauled MK2 fleets and the old Intercity 125 units. Most of the units where later transferred to CrossCountry where they operate now.

The Class 220 units feature a first class driving cab, 2 standard class coaches, and a standard class driving cab in the back of the unit.


  • This train is exactly the same as the Class 221, with the exception of the bogie design and the number of coaches. 
  • In real life, these trains are operated by CrossCountry.
  • This train, the Class 221, the Class 331 and the Class 195 are the only trains in the game with the SCR logo on the front of the train. The Class 68 has the SCR logo on the sides of its locomotives.
  • It has two sneak peeks, one being a very dark image with the destination board saying 'Special' and the other being two Class 221s and a Class 220 at Stepford Central.
  • This is the shortest Stepford Express train. Not counting the Class 43 which also has the same number of coaches as the Class 220, but has 2 locomotives either side of the coaches.
  • This train and its brethren, the Class 221, are both the only NGv2 trains in Stepford Express before the Class 801 was rebuilt with an NGv3 rebuild.
  • These trains may have been from MTG and made Next-Gen for SCR.


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